Hyperspace Beacon: Star Wars The Old Republic’s Uncle Owen problem

When Star Wars: The Old Republic first released, an existing Star Wars Galaxies argument appeared, along with the crux of this argument was this: “No one really wants to be Uncle Owen.” If we state that SWG pre-NGE was the Uncle Owen game, where players could successfully play a straightforward moisture farmer, and compare it to SWTOR Credits US, in places you can become a member with the Dark Council, only then do we would observe that SWTOR is clearly the winner if we’re talking concerning the sheer volume of players. However, SWG was one in the founding MMOs; it helped kickstart the genre. There were just not too many people playing MMORPGs then, so comparing the raw numbers is really a bit unfair.
The argument continues. If we look on the story from the upcoming Battlefront II game, we view a form of Uncle Owen story. The main protagonist of the action is a Commander of the squadron of Imperial soldiers we have never been aware of until now. Her name is Iden Versio, and SWTOR Credits EU she or he is, for those intents, a faceless Stormtrooper. Star Wars fans have become excited about playing through this storyline. I’m one among them.
However, the largest place where we percieve the Uncle Owen controversy is inside SWTOR roleplay community, and I assume that if we study their arguments for and against playing a robust character, we are going to gain a greater understanding why some storylines work and others don’t.

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