Star Wars: The Old Republic tests its Fame and Fortune update

Who’s ready for most HUTTTTBALLLLL?
You. You are ready. And since you’re so able to engage in Star Wars: The Old Republic’s quirky PvP mode, you might also SWTOR Credits test out the modern Huttball arena that’s coming late September’s Game Update 5.9.3, that is now up for the PTR for preview.
The centerpiece from the Fame and Fortune patch is often a new 8v8 Huttball warzone called The Sky Shredder. BioWare described the scenario: “Battle atop a deathly flying barge within this brand-new Huttball map set around the gas mining planet of Vandin.” Sounds like a beautiful day for everyone involved.
The update will even bring level scaling on Star Wars the Old Republic Credits the Fallen Empire and Eternal Throne expansions, allowing max-level players the advantages of command XP as well as other rewards while playing through these chapters.

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