Path of Exile: Ascendancy Expansion Causes Server Crashes

Path of Exile broke their record to the most variety of players inside the first day of your major release when the overall game’s Ascendancy expansion went live last Friday. Unfortunately, the overwhelming influx of players also caused three server crashes inside first 24 hours with the expansion launch.
According for the developers, “Large launches like today’s one are particularly prone to crashes given POE Orbs that they introduce new code and since many players return to your game while doing so.” The team also added that, “The problem that has a realm crash is always that once the realm returns up, the crash bug still exists from the code and will happen again whenever you want. The only approach to Buy POE Orbs fix the realm should be to replace the code (which might take hours) and restart the realm.”
The Path of Exile team assured players the servers really should be up and dealing and that they can’re doing everything they will to prevent future crashes or disruptions from the game.
Check out the state Ascendancy trailer below or hop over for the Path of Exile official forums for more information.

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