AU Shippin Out Feb. 27 – March 2: Star Wars: The Old Republic

After making Aussie Star Wars fans salivate just like a hungry Rancor since December recently, EA and BioWare are finally able to formally let gamers Down Under play Star Wars: The Old Republic. Players can select from two factions, the Galactic Republic along with the Sith Empire, and they are able to pick from nine different species. As with SWTOR Credits Buy the classes, BioWare looked to George Lucas’ classic franchise for inspiration, with Jedi knight and bounty hunters one of several eight different alternatives.
Just like previous BioWare games, Star Wars: The Old Republic is set prior to a events on the movies. After a prolonged war relating to the Sith and also the Jedi, a short-term peace is restored to SWTOR Credits for sale your galaxy. The game registers just as a fresh conflict arises, and decisions made during the action will dictate the location where the tide with the war goes.
Star Wars: The Old Republic will come having a 30-day trial card, with players then supposed to shell out A$32.99 for 60-day subscriptions.

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