GS: For people enthusiastic about space combat

GS: For people enthusiastic about space combat, you’ve brought up changes–the reimagining that can come inside the future. Any news on space combat?
JO: So the area team is taking care of creating additional space game levels. I should mention, that’s another part of the game update plan. We want to keep add hot spots towards SWTOR Credits Buy the galaxy map, essentially new space missions. In addition compared to that, we now have another space project occurring, but discussing really discussing that until we have further along. But suffice it to say we would like to expand the area game beyond what we should have inside current main game.
GS: Obviously, the update seems focused on people that have reached the extent cap. Anything for those before that?
JO: So you will find there’s bunch of several plans for your. One is, the sport systems themselves SWTOR Credits for sale that people’re introducing are gonna not just be for high-level players. For example, in game update two if we introduce guild banks, that’s gonna benefit anyone that’s inside a guild, no matter when you’re level 50 or you’re level 20. You’re gonna benefit from the reality that there are guild banks. In update two we’re gonna introduce PVP ranking, so again, that isn’t something that’s limited to level 50 players. You’re gonna have the capacity to see your ranking whenever you start to be involved in PVP.

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