What Star Wars: What will the Knights of the Old Republic 3 be?


Legendary video game writer Chris Avellone (radiation: New Vegas, Star Wars: Old Republic Knight 2, Planescape: Torment) recently revealed to VG24 / 7 what is Star Wars: the Knights of the Old Republic 3 will have an obsidian expansion Its opportunity.

“The third game touched you, as a player, followed the center of Revan, and then took the battle to the truly ancient Sith Lord, who was more terrible than the Darth presented,” Avellone said. “These people are justĀ SWTOR Credits Buy monsters. These will have considerable strength, but at the same time, you will be able to use astronomy to solve their more psychology, their personality, their history, how they deal with players, how they talk to players, They cultivate and develop different rights, for some of them – they are ancient, so they are not just ruling the solar system, but also the Milky Way.”

Avellone painted a part of the galaxy that explored the ancient Sith “let their seals”, which made the game sound like a fear thriller in some ways. In fact, many storytellings are done through your exploration of these environments and some details of what you find on the road. Although the nature of these expeditions is ominous, Avellone said that in theory, many information about the ancient Sith can be found. The recent Star Wars movies did not reveal much information about snooker.

Although Avellone also hintedĀ SWTOR Credits for sale that Obsidian does not necessarily promise to have the opportunity to launch the third old Republic game, he is not completely sure of the reason for the cancellation of the project.

“I thought part of the reason, I just guessed, I thought LucasArts had an internal team that wanted to do this,” Avellone said. “So it’s obvious that they will take precedence over us. So I thought this was an element. Another factor is… BioWare tried to do it a few times. They tried to buy it, like, “Hey, we have to do the third game. . “But it seems that there has never been any centrality ever.”

We’ve heard about BioWare’s purchases before, and Avellone also hinted that we didn’t get a third KotOR game from anyone, probably related to the overall sales of the series or the industry’s general lack of interest in the single-player experience. However, he confessed that he did not really know the answers to these questions.

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