World of Warcraft classic released on August 27th


“World of Warcraft Classic” will likely be released on August 27th. This version of Blizzard Entertainment’s online role-playing game is going to be in parallel with all the modern Warcraft world, the seventh expansion, fighting for Azeroth. World of Warcraft subscriptions will even grant usage of Classic.

“World of Warcraft” premiered in 2004. Since then, expansion and updates have experienced a huge effect on the game. There are many players, now and failing, hopeful for the older experience. Blizzard doesn’t release World Of Warcraft Classic Gold numbers, and we all don’t know what number of people pay money for subscriptions.

At any time of launch, World of Warcraft Classic will copy the 1.12 version of the overall game, which was already released in August 2006. This is still prior to the first extended version in the Burning Crusade, which was published in January 2007. Classic should include 40 people raid Molten Core, as well as others (including Blackwing Lair and Ahn’Qiraj) as updated content.

The dungeon in World of Warcraft. Blizzard started the beta on May 15. The server stress test is going to be open to everyone and will likely be available from late May to July.


While the content will probably be based on the old version of WoW, Classic will run for the current architecture of the experience. This means it needs to be smoother versus the original, and Classic should include support to the social top features of, for instance, chats and groups. Classic will run being a different client compared to the normal version of World of Warcraft. You cannot transfer characters between your two.

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