The next pet fighting dungeon in World of Warcraft is Stratholme


It’s the perfect time to organize your zoo and push your easiest fighting pets for the undead street of Stratholme. This is a brand new pet battle dungeon containing normal and challenging difficulties.

To start your trip, you should achieve the achievement All Growns Up! (Level 15 pets) would work for difficult difficulty generally difficulty orĀ World Of Warcraft Classic Gold professional pet group (15 levels 25 pets). This will open a fresh mission from Bozzus’ Tizzy Gearjolt or Dazar’alor’s Fuse block. You don’t need to complete the first sort pet battle dungeon to get access. Once the upcoming rising Azshara content update hits, it will be easy to play all four pet battle dungeons in every order.

You will discover pets from Undead, Dragon, and Magic in Stratholme. You are going to be able to heal and recover your four-legged friend between each from the 12 stages of normal difficulty, although not recover from the process.

Defeat the dungeon on normal difficulty will win the supreme combat training stone for your player. You can also use Manapoof’s help send instantly to Stratholme’s dungeon entrance as part from the mission reward.

Those who prove themselves to become the most difficult challenge are certain to get the Pet Battle Challenge: Stratholme and Minimancer pets. The difficulty of completing the task will be counted inside the weekly quest rewards Cleansed Remains, an account-restricted currency you can redeem on an unopened Stratholme supply box full of pet supplies, or four new pets Ziggy, Crypt Fiend, Shrieker and Gruesome Belcher. Talk to Sean Wilkers with the entrance towards the dungeon and add these ghostly demons on your team.


Whether you might be a newcomer for the pet fighting dungeon or maybe a fellow combat veteran, you really need to know what is going on. Who is the shadow character that appears in each pet fighting dungeon? What chilling experiments did they perform on the slaughterhouse in Baron Rivendare? Will you have a chance to take the battle for them?

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