World of Warcraft Classic Beta Alterac Valley Test Plan Overview


As the “World of Warcraft Classic” ensure that you stress tests continue, Blizzard has started to release increasingly more updates in new areas, and also new methods to test MMOs prior to a final release on August 27.

After two stress tests were released on May 22 and May 29, the interior testers made it possible to test the Arathi Basin and raise the upper limit from 40 to 50. This can be obtained in Stranglethorn Vale, Desolace and Arathi Highlands. The area is tested…

The latest update further upgrades the extent and World Of Warcraft Classic Gold now allows specific testing on the Alterac Valley. Launched from the community manager Kaivax for the Blizzard Forum, starting at 5 pm on June 14. EDT is really a new field that’ll be opened within the classic closed beta version of World of Warcraft, specifically testing the Alterac Valley.

Beta testers can join before this date to get a new field called Field of Strife that can carry Alterac Valley during beta testing. As an additional measure, other test areas are going to be closed in the Alterac Valley test. Kaivax also noticed that the testing role of “conflict areas” is restricted to its capital. However, if you’ve got the opportunity to be driven out in the city, there are going to be no enemies, mission providers, dungeons or vehicles inside rest in the game world.

Once inside the conflict zone, all created characters are going to be downgraded to level 58 with the correct Alterac Valley test. Accompanying these roles would be the proper equipment, some gold, loading and full usage of class trainers and reagent suppliers. However, for testing reasons, you can’t adjust the role level to level 58.


The only thing left would be to go to the battle masters inside their respective cities and fall into line for your favorite Alterac Valley. All feedback really should be sent to the Alterac Valley theme for the Blizzard Forum. The closure test to the Alterac Valley will finish at 3 pm on June 17 plus the name collision can finish on April 17. Eastern time. At the same time, all the closed test areas are going to be available for testing again.

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“World of Warcraft Classic” will probably be released about the PC on August 27.

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