Albion Online introduces the Undead Challenge to obtain a new Mount


Throughout the month of July, Albion Online players usually take part inside the Undead Challenge that could ensure some fantastic rewards. Those who complete theĀ Albion Silver task, taking part inside the open-world activities, is able to win the Spectral Direboar mount that has some unique spells. In addition, players buy the Undead Challenge avatar board, and special such things as Undead Skull, Ribcage, Legs and Ragged Undead Cape and Adventurer’s Tome, Silver and even more.

Players might get points to acquire all these rewards by taking part in open-world activities like killing monsters, fishing, farming, and gathering.

Buy Albion Online Silver

In addition to the Undead Challenge, players may also have a giant frog throughout the new Referral Season. Players can send a referral to connect to friends. When they obtain a game period of at least calendar month, they may get the reward.

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