The seller should have a good return policy

Throughout the years, promise rings have been given as a symbol of one’s intent to someday marry, of one’s commitment and faithfulness, or as a sign to keep a promise of sorts or hold a secret. A gemstone, usually small in weight and diameter, is typically placed within some type of heart-shaped setting. Sometimes several gemstone chips are placed in a heart outline, or a cluster of tiny gems create the illusion of one larger, heart-shaped stone. Still other promise rings have no heart-shaped design, but are instead a single, small diamond placed within a sometimes intricately designed, yellow or white gold setting.While you’re shopping for such a time-honored symbol of love and compassion, there are a few things that you my want to take into consideration before spending your hard-earned cash:

First, true promise rings are crafted of gold, either yellow or white. Sterling Silver is not the precious metal of choice for such an important symbol. If your recipient of choice isn’t fond of yellow gold, keep in mind that a white gold promise ring has the look of sterling silver, but is significantly higher in quality. Gemstones glimmer and shine just as they should in a white gold promise ring.Next, promise rings are not engagement rings, no matter what your intentions of the gift may be. Therefore, two-months salary isn’t a guide to price. You can find a beautiful, well-crafted 14K yellow or white gold promise ring for under $300, with many stunning designs available for as low at $150.

When (and if) the time comes, you can scrounge Metal spinning stainless steel Manufacturers up the necessary cash for a diamond engagement ring. But until that time, don’t feel the need to spend an exorbitant amount of money.Purchasing a promise ring should come from the heart, so you’ll want to buy from a jeweler that understands what you’re doing and where you’re coming from, and has a heart of its own.

The seller should have a good return policy (in case you change your mind) and quick service when you want it- but also patience when you need it.Finally, don’t limit yourself to local and mall jewelry stores that have a huge rent to pay, with a staff full of employees who work on commission. The Internet has brought shopping into your home, so it’s time you started utilizing it for what it’s worth. You can shop 10 different jewelry stores in 10 minutes on the World Wide Web, accessing every possible detail about any promise ring that you’d like to see, one that’s certain to fit perfectly on the finger of your promised.

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