Old refrigerators can leak these CFCs so they need to be disposed

Here are some of the reason that you should be changing your old and inefficient appliances for newer, greener and more efficient ones:Old refrigerators contain CFCs (chlorofluorocarbon) which is a gas that was used as part of the cooling process that goes on inside the refrigerator. Ever time you use an old appliance you are contributing to the pollution of the Earth and spending more money than you should on your utility bills in the process.

Old appliances will usually use up to 40% more electricity than a newer, more efficient model. CFCs were also used in aerosols but this use was banned in the US and England some time ago. Tell them your requirements and they will provide you with an environmentally friendly, efficient solution which will not break the bank.

If you discover that your air conditioning vents are leaking you could be spending an extra 30% on running it as it is not being efficient and is costing you more money than it should be.With the plight of the environment being at the forefront of many new government drives to protect the environment have you ever wondered how green your home or office is? Many people now understand the value of recycling and will try to cut down on the amount of paper and plastic bags they use, but have you thought about your appliances? Appliances that are over 15 years old tend to be less environmentally friendly than newer ones and ones that are older still present even more of a risk.

Many old appliances are in a bad state of disrepair and can use up far more electricity due to having to work harder to produce the same results.

If you would like advice on getting a new air conditioning system, refrigerator or freezer you should get in touch with your local HVAC technician who is an expert in this field. This has an impact on the environment by using so much electricity, so it is better to switch to a more energy efficient appliance to save electricity and money on your bill.

You might not be aware of just how harmful using old or inefficient appliances can be to both the environment and your pocket. By doing this you will be helping the environment by not using up as much electricity and saving yourself money on bills in the process.

So if you have any large appliances that are over 15 years old you really should think about replacing them with more efficient, newer models. It was once considered safe but extensive studies have shown that CFCs are very harmful to the environment, especially the ozone layer as it can damage it. So if your refrigerator, freezer, heating, air conditioner or other appliances seems to be taking longer to heat up or cool down it is time to replace it. Old refrigerators can leak these CFCs so they need to be disposed of carefully. If you need to know more information about hose Splitter Suppliers the safe disposal of an old refrigerator check with your local government office to see if there is a scheme near you. CFCs have a lifetime of between 20-100 once they are released into the atmosphere and as a result can do a lot of damage.

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