Conservative action may be all you need to

Arthritis is nature’s way of reminding us ‘baby-boomers’ that we now have some body parts that could use more TLC than they required when we were ‘in our youth’.

Seeking out a doctor who will likely confirm that our joints are aging is not necessarily something that is going to increase our self-esteem. But it may give you an idea of what to expect.

Let’s take a look at what you might anticipate when you decide to go for medical treatment.

First visit, new doctor: An orthopedic doctor will inform you of the ups and downs of your pain. He’ll remind you, too, that you’re not as young as you used to be. (Having a good time, yet?)

Probably, the doc will suggest that you adjust your life-style. He will want some testing just to socks knitting machine be sure that ‘he’s sure’ before delivering a diagnosis to you.

Now, you can ask ‘Why’ but you may not get an answer. Doctors just order the Tests. It’s their job! Maybe you’ll get the results at a later visit.

Doctor’s strategy: Prescription medication to alleviate your pain first. He already knows that you really hurt or you would not be visiting him!

He will, no doubt, lay down the law. Keep that sore joint moving, no matter what it takes. ‘Resting’ it only adds to your chances of needing more appointments.

Remember, you decided to see the doctor to make things better!

Here’s a doctor’s common treatment plan for your pain to get better.

1) Reduce the inflammation in the painful joint. (That medicine he gave you does this.) This’ll get you to succeed with step 2.

2) Go to physical therapy to hurt some more so your pained back, knee shoulder, etc. can be whipped back into functioning as well as it can.

Then therapists take the doctor’s orders. They design an exercise program to fit your diagnosis. You keep at these tasks for about a month.

Therapists call or fax the physician so he can decide if therapy is helping you or not. And back you go to the doctor to start all over again.

You finally realize you are in charge of your pain if you want to get rid of it. The doctor visit, diagnosis, and therapy are just steps in a process.

Conservative action may be all you need to ease that cranky joint problem. A reputable specialist would consider more drastic treatment only if you had

little pain relief.

Recovery, under your control, increases self-esteem rather than diminishing it! A positive attitude keeps you feeling young!

Why do children need chiropractic care?

Chiropractic is a branch of the healing arts which is based upon the understanding that good health depends, in part, upon a normally functioning nervous system (especially the spine, and the nerves extending from the spine to all parts of the body).

Many parents wonder why in the world would their child need regular visits to the chiropractor’s office. Children are some of the most active human beings on earth and with activity also comes tightness and sometimes restricted joint motion. When your spine and other joint are not in their optimal natural alignment many times aches and pains are soon to follow. Your body is better at healing issues from pain and illness if the bones are aligned correctly. A visit to a chiropractor’s office for your child can help to maintain the correct alignment for their body.

How can a parent tell if a child needs chiropractic care?

It can be very difficult for a parent to notice or recognize that their child needs chiropractic care unless the child has an obvious problem. A person who is untrained in this field will have a hard time noticing the issues that might otherwise seem normal. This is where a trained chiropractor with his expertise comes in. They are trained to be able to spot, identify and treat issues that others many not be able to recognize.

There are several common signs a parent might notice or should look for that could be indicators of a spinal problem for the child. These common signs may include but are not limited to restricted movement or motion of the child’s head, neck, or back. Restricted arm or leg movements are also an indication of joint dysfunction and should not be ignored in any case.

How will the chiropractor treat my child?

Many chiropractors have treated children before and that is one thing you should ask when you are searching for a chiropractor for your child. The first thing a chiropractor will do is get to know your child and earn their trust. Then the chiropractor will do an evaluation of your child’s bones and spine to see if the child has any issues that need to be fixed. He will then make a gentle adjustment to correct any parts of the joint that is restricted.

Chiropractic is a very safe way of treating your child’s issues and illnesses without the use of chemicals and drugs. By having your child visit chiropractor you are helping their body to heal itself naturally.

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