Your business is no doubt one of the most important

Step 1. Therefore if you want to make sure you get the cover you need at a price you want, consider using a motor trade insurance expert and a broker who specialises in motor trade insurance. Deal with an expert. An insurance broker who specialises in dealing with motor traders and the motor trade should be able to help make sure you not only get a highly competitive premium but advice to make sure you have all the cover you need. Ask for advice. Unfortunately, this is not always the case so unless you can answer yes to each of these questions you should seriously consider seeking an alternative insurance broker for a quotation at your next renewal. Decide Centrifugal Switch if your current insurance broker is the best for your business. So with the need to save time and money important to most businesses including the likes of business who buy and sell, service or repair cars, here are the simple but highly effective steps to follow to make sure you pay less for your combined motor trade insurance premiums.

Follow these simple steps and make sure 2009 is the year you start paying less for your motor trade insurance premiums.When it comes to buying all types of insurance, saving money and not wasting too much time buying it is pretty much at the top of most peoples lists. One of the main benefits of using an insurance broker is the expert guidance and advice they should give you.

Questions you need to be answering yes to include are you happy with your insurance premium, does your broker give you advice and guidance, do they help you when you suffer a loss, are they always contactable, do you trust them to act with your companies needs as their priority, are they well established and do they provide you with peace of mind? If there is even one no in your answers to these questions then a better alternative could be a possibility for little time and effort on your part.

And whether you are a new start motor trader or are a well established business with decades worth of experience this guide can help you in your quest to pay less.

It is now extremely easy to switch insurance provider so do not assume you will be faced with masses of paperwork and hassle if you decide to switch.

Your business is no doubt one of the most important things in your life so make sure the insurance broker you use knows exactly what you need to ensure it is correctly insured. You should therefore take advantage of a brokers experience of dealing with the motor trade by asking them for help and suggestions on how you can reduce your premium.

Using a local insurance broker does of course give you certain benefits but with modern fax and emails, receiving documents straight away is achievable regardless of a brokers location.

Also, any swivel seat should include a safety sensor

By taking the time to look at the various safety features with any model, you’ll make a great decision.

Also, any swivel seat should include a safety sensor that will not allow the lift to begin moving if the seat is not locked in place. Every year there are serious accidents from users falling off a moving stair lift. There are certain safety features designed to protect you from being injured that should be included on any type of lift.


As you can see, safety should be an important factor in deciding on the right model of lift to purchase for your home.
. The important tip here is that not only should you have a seatbelt, but you should use it. The chair lift should stop automatically if something is in the way as it travels up or down the stairs.When you are looking at stair lifts, finding one that looks good and has all of the options you want is one thing, but it should also be safe for the entire family. Battery Backup Terminal Board
If you are running an AC electrical lift, then having a DC battery backup is something you really need. That’s something you will not have if you do not have one and the power goes out.


These have pretty much become standard today, but you should definitely look for them on any lift you are considering for your home. The sensors are generally placed in the footrest and seat. It is peace of mind that every parent can appreciate. If you lose power for whatever reason you will still have a lift that is operational. Swivel Seats

Your chair should include a swivel seat. They also help safeguard a user from getting off and falling down the steps. Automatic Safety Sensors

This is a big one.


Another must have on any lift is a seatbelt. What the locking switch does is it prevents anyone from operating the stairlift.

3. Locking Switch

This is a great safety feature for families with children. But that is not the only reason for having one.

Beyond these five safety features you should find in a stair or chair lift, there are others such as a speed sensor to keep the speed evenly controlled and a dual braking system that is both mechanical and electrical. Don’t let that happen to you. Because the chair swivels out onto the landing and doesn’t stay stationary over the steps, it keeps you from a potential fall. Here are 5 of the most important ones to look for. For example, it could be a sleeping cat on the steps, a box or shopping bag, etc. This helps you to get up and down out of the seat without discomfort