To ensure your chosen trolley or stand

LCD/Plasma trolleys and stands are particularly ideal when positioning of your screen needs to be flexible or relocation is important. Stands can be moved around but are better suited when the screen can be left in one location more often, but as the trolleys come with castors, this gives greater flexibility to relocate the screen anywhere at any time. Stands and trolleys are designed to offer height adaption so your screen can be positioned at any place upon the upright pole and also offer a shelf as an additional accessory which enables you to SC Optical Fiber Adapter place other AV equipment on the stand such as DVDs, stereos, recorders or just useful documentation during presentations. Stands and trolleys are the ideal accessory for boardrooms, training faculties, schools and colleges and trade shows where relocation of your screen is valuable.
Table stands are also available which is a practical method of displaying your screen within smaller office environments, or for use as an advertising display.
Can I install my LCD/Plasma screen myself?
It is quite simple to mount your LCD/Plasma screen to any stand or trolley and all appropriate fittings necessary will be included, however, the equipment will require careful handling and for optimum picture quality from your screen, connection of the right cables in the right place is extremely important.
Will my Stand/Trolley support my new screen?
To ensure your chosen trolley or stand will support your LCD/Plasma screen, it is essential that you verify the weight and size that the trolley or stand will bear which will be detailed in the description of the product.
At what height would you recommend I mount my screen?
This obviously depends on where you are positioning the screen and what size the room is. Ideally it is best to base the middle of the screen at eye level depending on your seating arrangements so viewing is comfortable.
It is advisable when installing your screen and mount that a minimum of two people are at hand, particularly if your screen is large. The actual task of lifting the screen into place, positioning it and then fastening it is a simple job, but it is useful to have additional assistance to ensure the screen is level and help hold the screen while you work. It is recommended that you fasten the adapter plate to your screen and then mount your LCD/plasma and adapter Optical Fiber Connector plate to the mount itself.
Depending on your mount, cable management will be one of the final steps of the LCD/Plasma installation process. Many mounts do offer cable management systems to conceal unruly wires.

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