At about less than 11 ounces

Almost every other day have heard something about Amazon Kindle, keep thinking what Kindle isand what Kindle can do. Did some research from google and finally managed to get few basic details of this hottest equipment. The dimension is 7.5″X5.3″X Optical Fiber Patch Cord . To me it looks more like a mini notebook. I was very shocked when I first read about the of this equipment – $399.00. But, after reading through the detail function, I am confident that it is good purchasing at this amount.

At about less than 11 ounces, the Kindle is very light weight, convenient and designed to ensure wonderful experience in reading online magazines, blogs, newspapers and books. This was made possible by adopting the newest technology (electronic paper) to enable the Kindle users feel like reading real words printed onto papers instead of straining your eyes due to the reflection from the desk top monitors.

All Kindle users, in US, can easily visit the Kindle Store and starts to download any contents without any linking to PC, connecting of cable and the searching for WIFI hot spots. As Low Power Splitters I have read from Amazon website that they (Amazon) are providing the wireless connection expenses to ensure that users free from the worries of yearly contract, service plan or monthly wireless bills. One of thespecial feature is the fast speed of delivery for items you have purchase from the Kindle Store it takes less than a minute. It provides also free sample book, download and read the free down load first chapter before confirming to buy it. It also stated that Kindle has extended battery life and it takes only two hours to fully recharged for the use of two days with wireless switch on. On the other hand, when off-line, it can last as long as more than one week just for reading.

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