First reason is you will save money

What would the benefits be or why would I Want or Need Satellite TV on your computer to do something like that, well I’m going to tell you. The first reason is you will save some money, The second maybe you need a little privacy or your own TV, watch a second or third TV, is it practical, I don’t want to watch my computer screen all the time.

First reason is you will save money, the whole satellite TV on your computer popped up about 3-6 months ago and you see it advertised as free satellite TV. Well its not free if you been on the Internet for any length of time you know there is nothing for free there is always a price whether its spam, or a hidden fee to continue the use the product or service. When they say Satellite TV for free what that means is there is a one time payment to download the software that will enable you to watch satellite TV on your computer, no Monthly fees that is what is meant by free, no cable bills no nothing for you to watch TV but FC Optical Fiber Patch Cord there is one fee. Your Internet , you pay for that but you are going to be paying for that anyways so you are not paying for anything extra to watch (Free) Satellite TV on your computer. Second reason, too many people around, fighting over what you are going to watch, or just want to be able to watch the Super bowl in HD yes you can watch some channels in HDTV.

There are numerous reasons why you might want a second or third TV, take your pick also the one I like, do you own a laptop with wireless if you do, now you have a satellite TV where ever you go and people will think you are working. Third reason, you don’t want to spend all of your downtime starring at a computer screen, I don’t blame you, we need a little time away from the computer screen , if your computers video card has a s-video output, you can also connect it to your TV’s video port. Home theater PC already comes with this capability and even has the ability to record channels. Well there are a few benefits to get satellite TV on your computer, its simple, save money and no more monthly bills. Everyone needs there own TV so if you have a TV on your computer your own little piece sanity. The New computer and Laptops have the s-video output slot and same with the TVs or if you have an old TV go to the store and get an adapter so you can hook your computer up 10 Power Tappers or 15 bucks I believe also there are numerous ways for you to be able to record TV on your computer check out my bio for more information have a good New Year.

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