Local permits may also be necessary China Heat Pump Unit Manufacturers

Before you start your AC installation, there are a number of safety guidelines to consider that you should be aware of. Make sure that the equipment you are using and installing meets safety guidelines and that you are installing it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. There are a number of local and federal building codes that must be adhered to when installing electrical and mechanical devices. Be sure to research these if you are in doubt. Proper safety gear including gloves or goggles is vital to an installation process that does not require a trip to the emergency room. Local permits may also be necessary China Heat Pump Unit Manufacturers and should be obtained before you begin work.

Some of the tools that you require for AC installation include an L-square, sheet metal shears or benders, wire cutters, a wrench, screwdrivers, tubing cutter, hole saws, tape measure, drill and drill bits. Be sure that you know how to operate each of these tools before you begin or consider consulting a professional.

The first step of AC installation will involve choosing a spot for Air-Cooled Condenser your air conditioner in your yard outside. In order to choose a good location, you want to ensure that it is level, secure, out of direct sunlight, not directly under a gutter, close to the home’s electrical panel, away from bushy plants that may limit air flow, and at least three feet from a gas or electric meter. Local codes will give you more information if necessary. Clear the spot of bushes to ensure there are ten to twelve inches between the unit and the side of the home.

Next, you need to cut a hole in the side of the house near the bottom of the wall. This will allow the condensing unit to communicate with the main electrical panel in the home. The hole will also conduct pipes for the air handler. Next, you will cut an opening supply on the plenum in order to mount the coil within it. After that, you need to hold the evaporator coil inside with sheet metal shelving and cover the entire thing.

Installing the line set for an air conditioner can be a difficult task and involves placement of two refrigerant lines that connect the evaporator coil to the condensing unit. At this point, consult an EPA-certified contractor to complete the AC installation.