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Just a few years ago, Internet dating appeared to have been a heavenly gift from the gods of matchmaking.   Where else could a single woman have access to millions of eligible bachelors?  Unfortunately, a lot of men currently misrepresent themselves when Internet dating.  That’s why women are starting to get burned out of the online mating game.As a result, more women are now sticking to the adage “everything old is new again” and are opting to being set up.  Although blind dates can produce good results, there is also potential for failure.  What happens is friends or family will set up two people just because they are both young and single, without really considering compatibility.  So, to have a successful matchup when going on a blind date, follow these tips.Be Clear and Specific on Your CriteriaMatchmakers should be guided when they are trying to think of someone you might like.

You have to be detailed and precise with what you’re looking for and what you’re not.  If you’re having difficulty determining the specifics, think about the traits you’ve loved with your exes.  You can even include the admirable qualities of your friends’ boyfriends.Select the Right MatchmakerYou have to know that blind dating is a numbers game.  Having more options means higher chances of landing a great guy, so you have to put the word out that you’re single, available and looking.  Many women fear that if they asked to be set up, they might come across as desperate.  This, however, is far from the truth.  By asking to be introduced, you’re sending the message that you want to meet men smartly, and not just settle for any random guy you come across in a bar.

This is where it can get a bit tricky:  You want to network but you still want to be selective on who’s setting you up.  Obviously, your close group of friends knows your situation, so it’s unlikely you’ll meet somebody new through them.  What you need to do is cast a wider net, although still be selective.Get the Dirt on the ManOnce everything is set up, potential partners should start hitting you up.  Just remember that you’re not required to go out with every available prospect that comes along, so screen out guys who are not qualified.  Try to find out if he is looking to be in a relationship or just playing the field.  Another way is through knowing what he does during his down time, which can reveal a lot about his personality and lifestyle.See more:Curtain Components Manufacturers

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