While at the same time considering a possible alliance

(FDK THAILAND) and the stepping motor business of Xiamen FDK Corporation (Xiamen FDK). (FDK Mechatronics), to more swiftly operate the business as an independent business, while at the same time considering a possible alliance with other companies to strengthen competitiveness and enhance business value.
Against this background, Minebea and FDK have agreed in recognizing that this transfer can maximize synergy effects for both of us, because both companies’ motor businesses have few redundant areas and complement each other technologically, reaching the Agreement on regarding transfer of FDK’s stepping motor business to Minebea.hardware-tools-china.radial journal bearing.

At FDK, as in its New Policies and Actions for FDK Group Growth announced on January 31, 2008, regarding its stepping motor business, the Company has been proceeding with measures, such as transferring sales functions to its subsidiary FDK Mechatronics Co. Based upon the Agreement, Minebea # will acquire FDK Mechatronics, FDK (THAILAND) CO., LTD.com/
).Minebea Co. involved in the stepping motor business at the FDK Group, thereby strengthening its motor business.
FDK has been conducting its stepping motor business by leveraging its technological edge in the field of small-sized motors, but in order to further grow the business, the Company has come to the conclusion that it is most appropriate for it to transfer the business to Minebea. (Minebea) and FDK Corporation (FDK) hereby announce the reaching of the Agreement on regarding transfer of the stepping motor business of FDK to Minebea, as described below. Reason for the Agreement
At Minebea, the Company has been making efforts to strengthen its small motor business, in which it can leverage production technologies, such as development of the world’s smallest stepping motor, in order to put the business after its ball bearing business that will drive its future growth on the growth path in its mid-term business plan., Ltd

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