Marriage is important for the upbringing

Resource #1 Self help books can offer some guidance as to which areas you may need to focus on to help save your marriage. See if any of their situations mirror yours and perhaps borrow a few of there coping skills and solutions.

Children from happily married backgrounds tend to enjoy far more of the more material aspects of life, with married men generally earning more than single men, and more often than not have a far better relationship with their fathers.

It is a well known fact that children who have happily married parents enjoy a better style of life and are, on average, physically healthier than other children.

I would never advocate that you save your marriage just because of the impact a broken home can have on a child but I do suggest that you should consider your next step very carefully and make totally sure that there is no way you can fix your marriage problems and be 100 sure that you are unable to save your marriage before destroying what could be, with a little help and guidance, a precious and enjoyable family life.

Resource #3 If you are involved with a church, chances are that you can book a session with your clergyman or even request the assistance of a mentor couple to help save your marriage.

You can help save your marriage. Other books that might help save your marriage touch on infidelity, substance abuse, how children affect marriage, rebuilding trust and much more. This option is similar to counseling or therapy, but it offers a totally different outlook. And that is perfectly all right. These resources can come from a variety of places.

There are certain and obvious financial implications if you are unable to save your marriage with divorce significantly reducing the family income thus restricting your ability to provide for your family and pushing many women into the poverty zone. You and your spouse are too close to the situation and your feelings can cloud judgment and impartiality. In other words, make a commitment to the cause. Sometimes, a third, uninvolved party is what is needed to serve in an intermediary role. Obviously a less than harmonious marriage is not a good environment for a child but when giving consideration as to whether or not to try and save your marriage or head for the divorce courts it is worth considering the impact on the family as a # whole. In addition, failing to save your marriage could reduce the likelihood that your children will finalise their education, limit their achievements and double the chances of your children being unable to save their own marriage in the future.

Marriage is important for the upbringing of your children. These days, it has become more socially acceptable to get a divorce. There are a plethora of topics to choose from so take your time and find one that you both feel will help the most.

Often the short term negative impact on your life when learning how to save your marriage is far more preferable (often in hindsight) than the stress of divorce with thrust bearing arguments over access, the strain on your finances and the continual battle of trying to run a household single handed

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