Products are sold for an affordable rat

We supply school ties, club ties, corporate uniform ties, regimental ties, promotional ties, Masonic ties, university ties, clip on ties and bow ties. As a direct manufacturer, clients can make sure that our products are sold for an affordable rate because they are based on factory-direct prices. You can place your orders by simply following three steps.

We give you variety of ties that are suited for your different needs.
Furthermore, we also give you stylish selection of ladies scarves which can be made to various sizes and shapes.

James Morton Ties has provided skilled and professional in-house designers who will take care of the customisation of tie products. Leading manufacturer of company ties and scarves – James Morton Ties – has provided custom made company ties suited for corporate, sports club, schools and private individuals.
Whenever you have some problem with designing, our designers can give you helpful advice.

James Moron Ties is one of the finest suppliers of ties, scarves, and other accessories in UK. The design can be woven into fabric or dye printed and your company name and logo can be incorporated into the tie. Also, we provide bulk supplies of professional style of company ties to different corporations. We will then provide you with an artwork for the ideas you have submitted for your approval. We make use of quality materials such as weave, fabric, pattern, colour, labels and linings, and we strictly follow our client’s requirements. First, you need to tell us about your design. The rest of the order will be made if you will give an approval for the sample we have given. The school ties and badges are made out of first-rate fabrics and standard stitching thus ensuring you of its durability.
We have been highly-recognised for supplying quality ties to schools and school retailers. We have been providing high-quality bulk ties and scarves supplies to numerous companies, clubs, schools, and military regiments all throughout UK. The scarves IFR Stage Curtain Fabrics Factory can be printed into polyester or silk, depending on the client’s allocated budget. If you are satisfied then we will give you a made-up sample.

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