Blinds should not be immersed in water

Some blinds are made of soft to touch material, be careful when cleaning this material it can be damaged with excessive rubbing.
Fabric blinds. And when it comes to clean it, normally there are no volunteers.
There are many typed of blinds and curtains, vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, aluminium blinds, plastic blinds, wooden blind, fabric blind, bamboo blinds, roller blinds and more. Never use any detergent for fabric blinds as it can leave spots and stains. Spray FR Combined Fabrics Suppliers the solution on a lice free towel and wipe the blinds from top to bottom, trying not to bend it. This type of blinds should not be immersed in water, if stains appear, use a mild stain removing agent. At LTN Cleaning we offer a wide range of cleaning services. It should be cleaned with a soft cloth lightly dampen in solution of water and mild detergent regularly. Quickly wipe the surface, making sure it’s not too much moisture. But there are some simple ways that require minimum effort. It only takes a few minutes, so you can clean the blinds gradually and this way dirt will not accumulate. Vacuum it regularly; this will prevent accumulation of dirt. Also, can be used dry sponge or damp towel.

Aluminium blinds. Our professional Office Cleaning Service in London will help your to maintain your office in perfect order. If your blinds in a very bad state, it is necessary to take it off and give it a proper wash. Cleaning this type of blinds can often create many problems. It fairly easy to clean with brush from the vacuum cleaner. Blinds are an indispensable attribute of almost every office, but it often forgotten that blinds require regular care. Most mesh blinds anti-static, so they can be cleaned less frequently.
Wooden blinds. Dirty blinds with a layer of dust significantly affect the appearance of the office.

Mesh Blinds. Spray on a blinds a bathroom cleaning detergent, on the ropes apply shaving cream, when all the dirt will come down, repeat this on another side. It is not recommended to wash wooden blinds. Wipe clean with damp sponge and dry with lice free towel. Then turn the blinds on the other side and wipe again. For more thorough cleaning, wipe the entire surface of the blinds with a soft damp cloth using warm (not hat) water. To clean this type of blinds, fill the spray battle with water and add a little washing up liquid. Though wood normally covered with protective layer, water and excessive moisture can warp and discolour blinds. This type of blind is needed to vacuum on regular basis.
Conclusion: if in doubt, entrust cleaning to an experts.

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