Carrom could be played by two or four people.

The contestant playing white breaks or plays first, this could be even decided by toss of a coin. After pocketing the queen, you should sink one of your carrom men, for ‘covering’ it, into any pocket in the subsequently shot, or it is returned to the middle spot. But, if you sink a coin in the same shot, then two come up and you have a chance to shoot again.
If while shooting for the queen, you as well sink one of your carrom coin in the same shot, the queen is by default covered, no matter which went first. If you sink their last coin, you lose the board and three points. The whites need to be lined up to form a Y shape, with two sides aiming directly towards the pockets given at the corner.
After sinking the striker, your challenger places the due piece(s) within the middle circle. Once the queen is covered, whoever finishes all their carrom men first wins the ‘board’. You get three tries to strike before losing your turn.
If the striker does not leave both lines, you have a chance to try again.

A game comprises of 25 points or eight boards, any that comes first. The striker might not touch the oblique arrow line.

Sinking the striker costs you one point and you lose your turn.

When placing the striker on the board for shooting, it should touch both base lines, either covering the end circle totally, and not touching it at all.

Each player sits on his side of the board and has the rights to strike from his own place only. The object of the game is to sink all of your carrom coin by using heavier striker in any of the pockets before your opponent does the same.

The red ‘queen,’ could be pocketed at any time after sinking your first piece, but should be sunk before your last coin. Arrange the carrom men on the centre circle of the carrom board, with the red known as the queen at the centre. If you have not sunk one yet, you owe them one. As an exception case, even three members can play against each other for points. Two needs to sit opposite to each other, wall base Manufacturers in case of four, players needs to sit opposite two are partners.The basic rules of carrom are as follow:
If a coin jumps out of the board, it is placed on again on the center spot.
If you sink your challengers coin, you lose your turn. If pieces land on end or are overlying, they suppose to leave undisturbed.
If you sink your last coin before the queen, you lose the board, three points and one point for each of your challengers coin left. Your turn goes on as long as you keep sinking your carrom coin luck shots and all other combinations are also permitted

As with any other type of equipment

Fishing is not only a hobby and manner by which to put dinner on the table it is also big business. There are many workers that spend their days with commercial fishing equipment in one hand and a hefty reward in the other. Commercial fishing is about a 16 million-dollar venture annually. Not only do grocers demand seafood so do restaurants, sportsmen and jewelers. All of these people have one thing in common, to make a buck. These fishing companies must ensure that they have the best commercial fishing equipment on the market.

As with any other type of equipment the more it is used the faster it skirting board wears and breaks down. Commercial fishing equipment is no different. The rigorous activities of daily catches of thousands of pounds, it has to be good. Not only is it cost effective to ensure the equipment is of commercial grade it is also a safety factor for the shrimpers, fishermen and other laborers. The boat should be stocked with commercial fishing equipment such as rods, reels, lures, fishing lines and heavy-duty landing nets.

In most cases the commercial fishing equipment is used in deep-sea fishing. With the larger fish and other marine life it is imperative that the equipment be rated for heavier fish. Not only do they weigh more they also put up a much bigger fight than a catfish! The better the equipment the less the fisherman will struggle with bringing the catch on board. Safety is the number one priority of most companies and this is the reason that many times the commercial life jackets are always a part of the commercial fishing equipment. The life jacket will keep the fisherman in the boat and also keep him/her from straining their back. Reeling marine life in is not always the easiest thing to do.

Commercial grade basically signifies that it has been built to accept the strains and pressures of a daily workload. A regular monthly fishing line certainly would not hold up to the test of catching thousands per week. It is important that those making a living or even sporting for bigger catches ensure they have heavy-duty equipment. That will keep them from getting hurt and make the job much easier.

Component parts also make up the commercial fishing equipment. In order to complete the job bringing in the big orders it is important to have all the necessary parts and pieces. Component parts are items such as dories, gurdies, nets and bait tables. These are the tools of the trade and absolute musts for every commercial fisherman; whether they are bringing in seafood for dinner, sport or the local grocer.

The home based business scene is changing

Have you heard of the quote “No Money, No Talk”? Sure, you do!

In business, the quote is even truer if the words were switched around. No talk, no money.

The home based business scene is changing rapidly. Five years ago it was still fairly easy to make money. There were a lot less marketers. And the people that came on board of the world wide web were not as suspicious as they are today. Thousands and thousands have joined since then. And a lot of them lost their money instead of creating an income online.

Internet Marketers have noticed this. It is good to PVC skirting board see that buyer and seller communicate with each other. Customer service is a big issue again. Internet Marketing is about trust and building relationships.

If you do not build relationships with people and follow up on them, you will spend most of your time repeating trivial tasks which can be non-productive or plodding away on a course that will never result in sales conversions.

While you do not necessarily have to “talk” on the Internet in a strict sense, you need to interact with people through e-mails, autoresponders, blogs, and more in order to keep your business alive.

Personal interaction is what differentiates Internet Businesses between those that are expensive and those that are profitable.

Don’t get me wrong here. I am not talking about bombarding your prospects and customers with sales messages every other day. Don’t try to sell, but try to teach, try to educate, bring content and valuable information. Don’t go for the short term but for a long term, steady relationship.

Assuming that the Internet is an isolated, anti-social medium, where people do not need connections to succeed is probably the most naive perception.

This is a critically flawed thinking. Without personal connections, you will not succeed online. I mean, how else could you?!

If you do not believe me, try not talking to anyone (even offline) for 6 weeks.

While automation tools help save a lot of time and effort on the part of the Internet Business owner, people today appreciate personal written e-mails more than ever.


The key is to find a few good keywords

I know every one wants to get top placement in the 3 major search engines; Google, Yahoo, and MSN. You work hard getting the right keywords, adding great keyword filled content to your site, and getting great back links pointing to your site.

The key is to find a few good keywords that will bring quality traffic to your website that will convert into a lead or sale. These words should be an obtainable goal as the amount of competition is key to how much time and labor you will put into your site before seeing great results.

What most people don’t take into consideration is that they still have to design the web site around the potential customer. It’s exciting to see your web site list in the first and second page of Google, Yahoo, and MSN but if the title and description content do not explain your service, it will be less likely you will ever get quality traffic to your site.

How do I achieve great placement and still keep my content customer based? You have to compromise being in first place for being tenth place. I will tell you why. Highly searched keywords usually have a lot of competition and usually the bigger sites beat out the small guys.

Work on your customer content first; after all if you actually get people to the site you want them to understand the services you are offering. Second, make sure they keywords you’re trying to place with are actually not out of reach for the size and quality of your website. Third rearrange your site content to have your keywords placed through out. Don’t go over board placing too many keywords on a page. concentrate on a couple of main keywords per page and have others read the content to make sure it clearly states what products or services you are offering.

Use your keywords in the metatag title and description and remember it should make since to your prospective customer when showing in the search results. Have it reflect the content on the page. This will help the search engines understand what your service offers and where to place your listings.

Do research on other web sites that are placing well for the keywords you plan on using. Type the listing into the search engine, click the cached link next to the listing and wall base see how many times your keyword is highlighted on the page. Go to and see how many backlinks are placed for the site, and most importantly see how the content on the sites explain the product.

All these tips will help you see how to optimize your site for your customers and for the search engines.

The first floppy disk drives accommodated

A floppy disk drive is a hardware device that reads one of the first types of portable data storage media — floppy diskettes, also known as floppy disks. Over the years, like many other aspects of personal computing, these disks got smaller and smaller, but increased their capacity. As they changed, the floppy disk drive also changed. But as newer storage technologies are developed and the floppy disk becomes increasingly outdated, the drives that read them are becoming increasingly rare as well.

The first floppy disk drives accommodated disks that were eight inches (20.32 cm) diagonally. For years, when the personal computer first started to be affordable for the majority of those in industrialized nations, the standard was the 5.25-inch (13.34 cm) disk. These not only were somewhat smaller, but could hold up to 360 kilobytes of information, more than three times what the eight-inch disk could hold. Then, the 3.5-inch (8.9 cm) disk replaced the 5.25-inch (13.34 cm) disk in the early 1990s, capable of holding 1.44 megabytes of information. For a while there were two floppy disk drive types often included with computers.

The floppy disk drive has many parts that are needed in order for it to work properly. Among the most important of these are the read and write heads. Most floppy drives have two of these heads. These are used to get information from the disk and transfer information to the disk. Some floppy disks have tabs that can be moved to prevent the writing of information on a disk, even if an attempt is made. A motor spins the disk and does so at a rate of at least 360 revolutions per second.

The other major parts of a floppy disk drive include the stepper motor and circuit board. The stepper motor is responsible for moving the read/write heads where they need to be. The circuit board is responsible for taking the information and transferring it between the computer and floppy disk drive. The circuit board is also responsible for controlling the motors of the floppy disk drive.

While the floppy disk drive used to skirting board Manufacturers be a standard feature available on all computers, technology has advanced to the point where that is no longer the case. Rather, those who want a floppy disk drive will likely need to buy it separate from the computer or choose it as an add-on option for a new computer. They can still be bought as internal drives or external drives. The external floppy disk drive, which normally connects to the computer through a USB port, is probably the most popular choice.

The rocker has a super sleek design

How much fun can you have on three wheels? A lot actually! This Awesome product is perfect for those looking for a new sport or a great wall base Manufacturers way of keeping fit. Sounds fancy doesn’t it?

Combining the ruggedness of mountain bikes with the rebellious look and performance of a BMX, this kart is built to be ridden hard on all surfaces and all terrains. Simply adjust the anti-gravity boot’s length to fit their feet, strapping it on right over athletic shoes! Then start bouncing bouncing across the yard like a herd of bolting gazelles!
Also designed for running and jogging, jumping, and playing, these Anti-Gravity Boots provide hours of gravity-defying fun building coordination and strength while burning calories all at the same time!
Powered by a patented technology these Anti-Gravity Boots feature heavy-duty, interchangeable T-springs that transform downward energy into a bouncing motion that is gentle on joints, muscles and bones. It uses a chainless propulsion system to move you forward using its patented 3CV technology. Great for doing tricks on, the BikeBoard comes with alloy pegs so most of the tricks you have learnt on a BMX can be pulled off here to!
2.The BikeBoard, like the name suggests is half bike and half board. The Rocker Kart
The rocker has a super sleek design, with metallic paint finish with flame designs, bucket seats and handbrakes and will have you racing around grinning from ear to ear! With a patented swing steering mechanism – lean left and you go left lean right and you go right – the Rocker will have you ducking and diving in and out of turns in no time! Steering is where you have all the fun!!
. The Flybar is fun, a great workout and addictive to anyone who enjoys the adrenaline rush of getting air. Flybar
Co-developed by celebrity pro skateboarder Andy MacDonald, An MIT trained physicist and the premiere pogo stick making company in the world the aluminum Flybar has been described as a pogo stick on steroids.
Easily adjustable to cater for individual body reach and length, the sliding seat and boom allows for 8′ of leg adjustment. It has a front wheel and handlebars like a BMX, with a skateboard on the back!
You paddle the pavement as you would with a conventional Skateboard, only you have handlebars and a 20′ front wheel to rely on to steer.
5. Anti-gravity Boots
These anti-gravity boots seem to defy gravity with every fun-filled step.

A cruise tour is also conducted by

Apart from San Francisco, business travelers can also visit Muir woods or Napa Valley in a day. They want to visit San Francisco but within a few hours.

Advantages of using the services of San Francisco Tours!

San PVC skirting board Suppliers Francisco Tours are small and more intimate.

Many business travelers prefer private tours as they have flexibility of timings.After the meeting is over they dont know how to spend rest of the day. They can choose their own timings.
* San Francisco shuttles can resist rain, heat, cold and wind like other open air tours do. Based on visitors flexibility, private tours will pick them up


If a business traveler wants to visit two places on a single day, that can also be arranged by San Francisco tours. This will also present historical narratives both outside and inside the shuttle bus. If business travelers want to visit San Francisco or neighborhood areas on their time, they can choose private tours. As the group is small, people can learn about San Francisco and bay area and enjoy the trip. Take two comprehensive tours in one day.

If you want a memorable wedding, you can enjoy charter shuttle service.

You can either enjoy Daily or Private Tours. Visitors can enjoy Pacific Ocean drive to Monterey, Pigeon Point Lighthouse and Monterey Historic District, Cannery Row, Monterey Aquarium option, 17 mile Drive and Carmel drive. Daily tours are based on certain specified time, so business travelers have to assemble at the mentioned location before that time. You can enjoy the below mentioned benefits if you use services of a charter shuttle:

If you’re planning your big day and need a reliable wedding charter to/from Napa or Sonoma area, then hire the services of wine country tour shuttle. One of the best ways to visit San Francisco in few hours is through San Francisco shuttle tours.

A cruise tour is also conducted by San Francisco tour operator. In private tours, visitors can choose their timings

Once you have added your details

Well, it seems a growing trend in the online job searching arena is the emergence of the local/regional job board. Why not start searching now and see what you have been missing. When searching job sites, bear in mind that recruitment agencies advertise a lot of the vacancies. It works trust me. Good luck!
. To ensure your CV is correctly formatted, it is worth getting some quality advice. Before registering on a local job site, make sure your CV is up to date and that you have thought carefully about what kind of jobs you want to target.Have you noticed the jobs section in your local newspaper paper shrinking? Don’t be fooled or worried into thinking the jobs are not out there! Have you looked online? Maybe you have been to a national jobsite and been frustrated at the thousands of jobs you had to wade through to find something near you. You can usually click a PVC skirting board Suppliers link straight from the company profile page view that employer’s jobs. More and more national and local employers are realising the benefits of attracting candidates online and where better to do this than on a local jobsite dedicated to the local community? If you are struggling to find the perfect job, why not type “jobs in yourtownname” into Google and see what comes up. You will usually find a “Career Centre” on local job boards which may contain CV templates, CV writing advice and interview tips. This facility enables you to enter your criteria only once and the website will then automatically send you details of new jobs matching your criteria every day by email.

Once you have added your details you are likely to start receiving calls from recruiters and employers and it can be a waste of time for everyone if you set your criteria too broadly.

To save time, you can often set up jobs by email alerts. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression! There might be a local jobsite right on your doorstep that you didn’t even know about. The CV advice tends to be pretty standard and is worth paying attention to. You can usually cancel these subscriptions by clicking a link on the email once you have found a job. Most local job boards will allow you to search for vacancies based on a range of criteria, usually based on your preferred job categories and salary range. You may wish to look at the A-Z of recruiters – something you often find on job sites – which will help you to spot any local employers or desirable companies you may wish to apply to

The springiness with the cork composition moreover

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Online degrees are obtained strictly online.

In an online degree program, you are the conductor as you determine when to study and when to take a break. Online degrees must be accredited to gain respect and recognition. To get the best online degree option, know what you want to do. Online degree programs can be as exerting and stressful as on-campus degree programs. A discussion board can provide a near classroom feel for an online student who craves it. You get to save gas costs as an online student. Don’t go thinking that online degree programs are easy.

Many online degrees are affiliated with colleges and universities all around the world. These days, online degrees are as authentic and genuine as traditional degrees. So, there’s no need for you to be frightened of getting one anymore. Offline degrees are those that are gotten within the four walls of a lecture hall. As an online student, your interaction with your instructor and fellow students may be somewhat limited because of the presence of the internet as the medium of studying and communication. Some online degrees are strictly online programs with no affiliations whatsoever.

Commuting is a distinct feature of traditional educational programs.

The fact that you are an online student does not mean that you won’t read that much because you will have to purchase textbooks on the course you are studying to pass. You can travel from place to place without interrupting the progress of an online degree program because it progresses at your pace. Sometimes, a decision to switch careers can determine the type of online degree program you select. On the Internet, discussion boards can be based on a variety of topics that help to enlighten the online students mind on certain topics. More and more employers are beginning to accept online degree as valid. It really all depends on how well you can handle it.

If you don’t know what you want to achieve educationally, you may find it difficult to arrive at the best online degree option for you. As an online student, you will not need to commute too often because you will be stationary in your study mode. wall base Suppliers

Discussion boards are an Internet feature that allows you to rub minds with fellow online students.

The internet with all its sophisticated features has made online education a more qualitative pursuit.Thanks to the far reach of the internet, you can get an online degree wherever you are