Paper bags also produce large amounts of solid wastes

Many States in the US are experimenting with various methods to solve the problem.Plastic bags were introduced only a few decades back and yet they have become very common. Thus you have to start looking for other alternatives like canvas bags if you seriously want to leave for your children a healthy earth. The developing and underdeveloped nations are not far behind.Plastic bags are cheap, light and convenient, then why should you look for other types of bags? The China Twill Fabric answer is simple – it is because these bags are fast becoming one of the largest causes of environmental pollution.

As they are strong, they can be used again and again without becoming a waste. But many would be surprised to know that paper bags are not environment friendly either. Canvas bags come in various colours and models and hence they are fashionable and aesthetically appealing too. These bags pollute earth and water, as they are not biodegradable. Unlike canvas bags, plastic bags- especially the thin ones- cannot be reused a lot of times.Once they tear, they are discarded. This is the reason why the nation has banned them completely.

They are used to carry goods, grocery, clothes, lunches to office and numerous other things. Official sources say that more than 500 billion such plastic bags are consumed all over the world each year. They take up to an 80% share in the grocery bag market in developed nations like the US. Even when they are no longer usable, they can be recycled. Canvas bags are made of environment friendly material. If they are burnt, they cause even more environmental damage. They cause natural disasters like soil erosion and flooding. This, of course, takes us to the debate of paper bag vs. But the very process of making paper bags causes irreparable damage to the environment.

Paper bags also produce large amounts of solid wastes that have huge environmental implications.This again brings us to the most common answer to plastic bags – the paper bag. Bangladesh considers plastic bags one of the chief causes of natural devastation that happens there. Paper bags are biodegradable and hence many think this is a safe choice. As the bags are not made of organic or natural substances, Mother Nature cannot disintegrate them.Plastic bags also harm plants and animals. If you look at only the production, plastic bags can actually be considered safer! Deforestation, soil erosion, landslides, avalanches, droughts, floods and famines are just few of the side effects of using paper bags on a large scale. Many other nations have followed suit. Ireland levied taxes on the plastic bags and this lead to a decrease in their consumption.In such a scenario, the best alternative seems to be to use canvas bags. Besides this, paper bags tear easily and have to be replaced often resulting in increased consumption.. plastic bags. Canvas bags are also light and therefore much more convenient than other eco-friendly bags. Innocent animals eat the plastic bags and this can prove fatal

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