Cold, hard bathroom tiles, especially after a soaking hot bath

There is nothing you cannot accessorise these days, and why should your bathroom be any different? Depending on the space available, the comfort and luxury youre looking for, and the theme of your bathroom, you can pick from a wide range of bathroom accessories. Towel racks, rugs, baskets, potted plants, paintings, book shelves, can all fit into your bathroom and make it look like a place you will want to spend hours lazing around!

Bidets are stand alone toilets which have been popular in Japan and India, and give you the option of a washlet with water controls to clean up.

While a bathtub is often just a luxury, showers are essential in bathrooms. An entire cubicle is dedicated to your shower so your bathroom remains clean and dry even after you finish. you can also choose those with multi jet panels, shelves, racks, and if you are feeling too adventurous, then waterproof music and TV controls also!

Cold, hard bathroom tiles, especially after a soaking hot bath dont fit into your scheme of things? Heated bathroom flooring is the answer to all your problems. These come in a variety of styles like sliding door, hinged, corner entry etc.Bathrooms today have evolved into luxury havens with elaborate fittings, appliances, and beautiful dcor, so much so that you can spend hours in your bathroom, and not just use it for quick showers or cleaning rituals. The bath cubicles can be as big or as small as you want, and offer you not only the shower faucet, but a number of other options e. Electric heated flooring systems and tiles can be installed with your marble or stone floorings to keep your floors warm and comfortable without interfering with the aesthetics of your bathroom.

There are the regular ceramic, marble and stone countertops, and then there are the exquisite LED lit, or coloured glass countertops that make your bathrooms look absolutely exquisite.g. All of these materials are picked because of their durability and water resistant qualities. You may not find the time to run instant water tap a bath every day, but a quick shower is always welcome. Exclusive glass shower cabinets with panels and multi jets are perfect if you want to shower in style. However, a Jacuzzi bath requires a lot of space, and you cannot overlook the fact that it would be nearly impossible to use such a bath every day.

And if youre looking for more, then there is the option of countertops with semi precious stones, or made of volcanic lava even. If you want to indulge and pamper yourself while you take a bath, you dont need to look any further. These luxury bathroom fittings will make your bathroom the envy of others, albeit at a price of course!

If the luxury of lying in a bubble bath for hours is your idea of ultimate luxury, then spa and Jacuzzi baths will be nothing short of heavenly. Spas, bath tubs, multi jet showers, Jacuzzi, there is no limit to the kind of luxury your bathroom can offer you, provided you have the right kind of budget. If personal hygiene is top priority for you, trying these out would be a great idea! Whats more you also have detachable hand held bidet shower jets, which can be attached to your existing toilet.

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