Casting Alloy Steel Castings

Casting Alloy Steel Castings

Design impact casting Alloy Steel Castings provides geometric freedom, so casting design plays a key role in mechanical performance. It can enhance the section of the casting subjected to higher stress while reducing the low stress area. This flexibility helps to optimize parts and reduce weight; both reduce costs. One way to ensure optimal casting design is to work with the foundry. The foundry will have technical expertise and can work with foundry design and material selection.

Alloy steel castings are produced by investment casting and weigh up to 100 pounds. Parts are manufactured to meet various certifications and requirements as defined by the customer and/or industry-recognized global standards. Our factory is equipped with two spectrometers that accurately analyze the alloy and ensure the chemical composition of the material.

Changing the section thickness of the casting should be done by smoothing, easy transition, increased taper and large radius. Reducing undercuts and internal geometry helps minimize costs. Foundries and customers should agree on tolerances. Specifying as-cast tolerances is also important to reduce costs. Other post-processing (such as machining and how the parts remain in the fixture) can also affect the final cost of the part.

The datum point should be stated and the machine inventory added to the desired location. Drafting is the amount of taper or angle that must be allowed on all vertical faces of the casting tool to allow it to be removed from the mold without tearing the mold wall. Sketches should be added to the design dimensions, but the metal thickness must be maintained. The recommended draft is about 1.5 degrees under normal conditions.

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