How Lingerie Has Evolved From the 1920s to Today

It might  not surprise you to learn that lingerie in 2017 looks a little different than it did in the 1920s OK, really different. Undergarments have evolved over the past century to highlight women’s bodies in different ways: with various materials, shapes, and patterns. And the decade-by-decade transformation is truly fascinating.

Back in the 1920s it wholesale bikini was all about a shapeless look, with thin fabrics like satin, silk, and later lace draped over the body. By the 1930s a curvier silhouette became popular, so underwire and “falsies” were introduced to bring attention to the bust. Slips emerged as the lingerie of choice in the 1940s; while high-waisted bottoms were all the rage in the 1950s, as the hourglass figure became more desirable. The 1960s saw the rise of the matching set, many of which were embellished with trends of the time, such as ruffles and geometric patterns. By the 1970s these got a lot more involved, with allover fringe and tassel trims. Once we get into the 1980s, we see the influence of Madonna, with fishnets, leather, and other bold materials being woven into lingerie. By the 1990s people were mixing and matching their separates, pairing leopard prints with silky yellow bras.

We saw more ready-to-wear trends bleed into the realm of lingerie in the 2000s, when Herv Lege Cstyle undergarments were prevalent. And now? Folks aren’t afraid to show off the details on their bras and undies.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft has his own custom shoes

Robert new balance 420 womens maroon Kraft has been one of the more recognizable sports owners outside of the sports world, especially for those who indulge in sneaker culture. The New England Patriots owner is often seen wearing his Nike Air Force 1s with suits wherever he goes, and to see somebody of Krafts standing doing that is rare.

In a video with Complex, Kraft describes his experience  shopping for sneakers. He shows the various Patriots colorways of Air Force 1s, and the differences in them, along with the money thats been donated as a result of their creation.

In the video, Kraft was asked about the custom cleats  players have been wearing, and how he feels about the leagues stance on them.

Kraft started his answer with what youd expect any NFL owner to say: I love the league. I love everything they do, whatever they do, its fine by me.

He continued by saying that places like Green Bay, Buffalo, and Tennessee all get to spend the same amount on players, which is unlike other sports. He also said, If we let people start going off on their own, generating revenue and selling things, then the weaker teams are going to get hurt.

So I actually I do support the league and what they do. Maybe there should be better judgment certain times.

Krafts statement doesnt make sense, though, because the cleats arent sold as one-offs. The custom cleats we have seen from Antonio Brown, whether they be the Muhammad Ali tributes, the Kimbo/Jose Fernandez tributes, or the cleats he wore with his kids faces on them, are not mass produced by Nike, rather painted by artist Corey Pane, so theres no extra revenue to be made.

Yet the body of his argument, especially weaker teams being negatively impacted, doesnt really stick either. All 400+ NBA players have sneaker deals in some capacity, and they are negotiated with their own agents. The idea of that having an individual effect on teams isnt true.

In the NBA, players like LeBron James, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and others have sneakers that are sold in that capacity. They could be for Christmas, Easter, Black History Month, or something as little as their favorite food, like peanut butter and jelly. These sneakers are a Nike entity, and distributed through the players independent deals with the companies.

The brands re-thinking the lingerie business

Between wholesale bikinis  the founder of Net-a-Porter, Natalie Massenet, last month investing in a stocking brand promising to disrupt the tights business (Heist has so far raised US$2.6 million for their troubles), start-ups using data and algorithms to help women find a bra that actually fits, a New Zealand lingerie label breaking the internet by daring to cast a 56-year-old model in its campaign and the arrival of the fourth global boutique for French label Simone Perele in Westfield Bondi Junction, there are some big things happening in the world of smalls.

It makes sense. According to research from Euromonitor,  women’s bra and underwear sales reached US$12.4 billion in 2016, up 30 per cent from $9.5 billion in 2009. Another British study found that the average woman will spend about $4000 on bras in her lifetime.

Though she might be spending it a little differently now. Especially when you consider that the lingerie as outwear trend – with famous types like Jennifer Lawrence, Bella Hadid and Olivia Palermo leading the charge of making underwear the hero of their outfit – shows no sign of abating.

For Helene Morris and Steve Ferguson, the duo behind Lonely Lingerie, whose campaign starring 56-year-old model Mercy Brewer went viral in March, success means redefining how women see – and shop for – themselves.


“It’s been a conscious decision of ours to represent as many of our customers as possible through our imagery. If people can’t relate to imagery or see themselves represented, then how can they feel confident?” says Morris.

The brand, which is set to launch maternity lingerie – a collection in development for the past year – also plans to expand internationally to offer customers around the world the “full Lonely experience”.

The ‘experience’ of buying lingerie is one that managing director of Simone Perele, Matthieu Grodner-Perele, the grandson of Simone Perele, believes is integral. Following the launch of the Bondi boutique in September, the label, which is still 80 per cent wholesale, will launch up to15 new stores in the next two years.

“Bricks and mortar retail gives us the opportunity, through our staff … to translate the technical know-how of the products to customers,” Perele says.

That doesn’t mean the lingerie business is resistant to the pull of the online shopping cart. Far from it. Eloise Monaghan, founder of Australian lingerie label Honey Birdette, says that while she has 50 stores in Australia and four in the UK, online shopping now makes up 30 per cent of her business. A growth of 230 per cent in the past year.

Honey Birdette works in the fast fashion space, putting out a new collection each week, because “customers get bored after a week”.

“[We see] shopping online and in-store complementing each other,” says Monaghan.

Karen Brewster, Myer executive general manager merchandise buying, says the department store is also seeing growth in online shopping for lingerie. Partly because brands are better at engaging with their customer directly on social media.

“Dita Von Teese is a great example with strong marketing that drives many of our customers to shop for this brand on the Myer website. Dita posts images of herself in new season styles regularly, and we see a great uplift in sales following each post,” she says.

Brewster believes innovations, like the new Spacer technology used by Berlei – a fabric that uses a dual layer of mesh to create a bra that feels weightless and is more breathable – is key.

Lingerie queen used to tease and please

WHO is Zahia womens lingerie sizes Dehar? In France she’s so infamous she’s known as only Zahia (pronounced Zy-ah), the name she’s also given to her new couture lingerie label and brand.

With her long  mane of peroxide hair, Barbie doll body and cat-shaped eyes, the 20-year-old has graced the pages of Vanity Fair and the cover of V Magazine. Algerian-born Dehar is the new darling of the fashion world, having already shown two of her collections at Paris Fashion Week this year.

But Dehar  isn’t the darling of the football world. Three years ago she was working as an escort in Paris, and was in the middle of what was the biggest sex scandal to rock the French sporting world, involving two of France’s top footballers and allegations of under-age prostitution.

In early 2010, right before the South Africa World Cup, details emerged that French star footballers Franck Ribery and Karim Benzema had paid for sex with Dehar when she was only 16. While prostitution is legal in France, soliciting in a public place, brothel ownership and paying for sex with a minor is illegal.

After the dust settled, Dehar disappeared. She says of the fallout from the scandal ”I spent six months crying. I thought I’d never get out, that I would die like this.”

When Dehar re-emerged months later, gone were the trashy clothes and dark roots in her hair, she had rebranded herself as a new high-fashion Bridget Bardot. The artists Pierre and Giles called her ”a new Eve, innocent and luminous”.

To launch her new look, she starred in an avant-garde film dressed as a fashionable Alice in Wonderland, armed with only a whip and a feather duster. She also featured in strange short film called Bionic – the story of a sex doll (Zahia) who exercises her own free will.

Dehar doesn’t womens lingerie sizes seem able to escape her bad girl past though. Asked by French magazine Liberation if her new life is a fairytale, Zahia replied ”No, a fairytale is when everything is magical. Here, it’s more complicated.”

5 Steps to Choosing the Best Underwear for Your Health

Navigating the womens lingerie sizes underwear market can be pretty daunting these days. Should you go for the boyshorts or briefs? Cotton or lycra? Are thongs that bad for you? Is shapewear? And don’t even get me started on whatever the heck c-strings are meant for.

Seriously, when did it all become so complicated?

My best guess is that our options are only going to become more varied and bizarre as time goes on, but don’t let that overwhelm you. Turns out that basic cotton briefs just might be your best, and healthiest option. Almost every other style can cause some serious health problems — everything from skin rashes to yeast infections — if worn too often and under the wrong conditions.

I did a bit of research to find out the health hazards of some of our favorite underwear styles. Here’s what I found:

1. Avoid Thongs When You’re Working OutI wear tight, spandex-blend pants every time I work out, which means that anything I wear underneath is visible. Because of this, thongs are usually my go-to choice for underwear, but, in general, the experts advise steering clear of thongs whenever possible —  when working out. “[Thongs] are usually tight fitting and tend to slide back and forth while you exercise,” Dr. David Bank told . “All of this friction and heat can lead to UTIs (urinary tract infections) and vaginal bacterial infections, regardless of the fabric.”

womens lingerie sizes

2. Better Yet, Just Try To Avoid Thongs In GeneralTry sticking with briefs and boyshorts for the everyday. Here’s why: “[Thongs] can cause bacteria to spread, which can cause urinary infections or vaginal infections,” Dr. Iris Orbuch wrote for . “Common bacterias in feces, E. coli being one of them, can be passed to the vagina via a thong. If that ascends into the uterus you could develop a pelvic inflammatory disease, or into the bladder and you could get a bladder infection.” If a thong is your best option, at least go for a cotton one, which brings us to:

3. Try To Stick With Cotton UnderwearWhen it comes to fabrics for the everyday, cotton is your best bet. The natural fibers work well to keep your business feeling fresh. “Cotton wicks moisture away from the skin, discouraging yeast growth, so choose cotton panties as often as possible,” Jan Sheehan wrote for in an article reviewed by Dr. Lindsey Marcellin, M.D., M.P.H. Try to avoid other synthetic materials like nylon and lycra, which can “trap moisture and heat, providing a breeding ground for yeast.” If anything, try to at least wear underwear that has a cotton lining on the inside.

3. Ease Up On The Shapewear I love my Spanx as much as the next girl, but wearing them too often can cause some serious health problems. Same goes for spandex bottoms and skin-hugging jeans. Madonna Beren at sought the advice of medial advisor Dr. Orly Avitzur, who advised Beren that “too-frequent use of shapewear and other tight-fitting undergarments can bring on urinary tract infections.” Instead, try to wear these items only a couple of times a week and, when you do, definitely wear cotton underwear underneath.

4. Seamless Styles Are The Most Comforting On Your SkinSeamless styles will not only help prevent visible underwear lines, they’ll also be gentler on your skin. Elastic bands that are too tight can be very irritating. “Chronic irritation and rubbing can cause abrasions that could go deep enough to cause darkening of the skin or permanent scarring,” Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee told . “And sometimes if your underwear is old, the elastic becomes exposed and can potentially give you a rash, called irritant contact dermatitis.”

5. Go Commando womens lingerie sizes At BedtimeAnd at the end of the day, when it’s time to hit the hay, just forget about underwear. Dr. Samantha Dunham, a gynecologist at NYU Langone Medical Center, told  that the best way to keep your lady parts dry and prevent yeast infections is to go commando while you’re sleeping. Also, try to wear loose-fitting pajamas that are breathable and non-constricting.

3 Lingerie Accounts To Follow On Instagram For The Undie Lover In All of Us

There are few womens lingerie sizes things that will stand between me andpurchasing a stunning bralette that Ive found off someones Instagram feed. Myname is Kristin Collins Jackson. and I am a lingerie lover. Instead of basking in the lonely abyss by myself, I chooseto include everyone by showcasing the best accounts to follow on Instagram forfellow lingerie lovers and lovers in the making. Because whenever I am feeling down,whenever I feel like celebrating, and whenever I just want to feel like Imatter in this world, I purchase lingerie regardless of if I can afford it ornot.

My love affair with lingerie began a few years ago, when I moved into a new apartment (again), and rediscovered the amount of straight up garbage I owned; garbage that I kepttucked away in a drawer I claimed to be for sleepwear. I was not about tocontinue on sleeping in bleach stained shirts and old lovers boxers, so I decidedthat I was going to be sexy from sunrise to sundown. My love-affair started offinnocently by purchasing cutesy night dresses on sale at T.J. Maxx and quicklyspiraled out of control. Within a year, I was buying vintage pieces, handmadesets from across the Atlantic. the thing about lingerie is that there is somethingfor everyone.

womens lingerie sizes

From lace to bondage to small breasts to plus-size tonudes for all skin tones. you name it, you can find it on Instagram. So please,feel pretty with me and enter my addiction to lingerie:

1. The turning point of my love affair was when I stumbled upon Julie Ks handmade lingerie.Not only is her lingerie completely stunning, they are made to order. Foranyone who has problems finding their bra size, be it a double-A cup or a Fcup, Julie K asks for your measurements with every purchase to ensure properfitting and is incredibly responsive to your needs. From body suits, tobralettes, to undies. a world of sexiness ensues from Scotland based Julie K.Oh, and did I mention her Insta-feed is full of tatted up babes in sexylingerie?

2. This New Zealand lingerie account is relatively new to me,but Im already predicting my funds being depleted from these adorably sexy bra sets. Myobsession has previously been focused on bodysuits and rompers, but grrrrr(l),let me tell you, I can already see myself discarding my slew of mismatched brasand undies in exchanged for the sets on this IG account.

3.Do womens lingerie sizes not even get me started on the high-waisted undies that thrive on thissite. Why have I been wearing else, but high-waisted underwear? Illtell you why, because I forgot to include them in my lingerie obsession. Atfirst, I was drawn to the tight little slips that I picture myself roamingaround my house with sexy, just out of bed, curls, but now the whole line hasgot me feeling some type of way. that I never want to wear regular clothesagain.

4 Body Positive Swimwear Stores That Will Remind You That Every Body Is A Beach Body

With summer womens lingerie sizes on the horizon and the beach on everyone’s mind, people are going to start talking about “getting into shape” so you can wear a bikini. If you ask me, any shape that you’re in bikini ready, since there are no size requirements you have to meet to rock a piece of clothing, despite what society tells you. Up until recently, trying to find a bikini that came in plus-sizes was nearly impossible, but with the success of hashtags like #fatkini and body-positive fashion blogs like Gabifresh, retailers are starting to get on board with this message, too.

In the spirit of body positivity, consider this your permission (not that you needed permission) to rock a fabulous bikini, no matter what your size is! I still remember how liberated I felt the first time I rocked a two-piece and I believe the more diversity of body types we see on the beach and in the pool, the more progress we’re going to make with size acceptance. Now, if you’re wondering where you can go to find a great bikini that comes in your size, I’ve got you covered.

womens lingerie sizes

Here’s a list of places that are doing just that, that you can check out when bikini shopping.

1. Swimsuits For AllSwim Sexy Red Bandeau/Halter Twist Front Bikini, $40, Swimsuits For All

This body-positive website created a viral social media campaign #CurvesinBikinis that was in seen in  Swimsuit Edition, with a plus-size model in a bikini — the first of its kind to be featured in the magazine. They also replicated  2014 cover, using four beautiful plus-size models. They definitely know how to bring the fashion to us fuller-figured women, as their swimwear is anything but boring. The website features swimwear in sizes 8-34 and has a variety of styles to choose from, including bikinis, tankinis, one-pieces, and swim dresses.The swimwear here is in the mid-range price point, with most of the items being around $40-50. What I love the most about this website is that the swimsuits they sell have fun, colorful prints, intricate embellishments, and gorgeous designs, all of which plus-size clothing is so often missing. If you like bold fashion and want to rock the current trends, you will love Swimsuits for All. Even better, they’ve teamed up with Gabifresh to create an exclusive collection that is so innovative, they can’t keep it in stock.

2. Forever 21 PlusTropical Print Bandeau Top, $16, Forever 21Tropical Print Bikini Bottom, $15, Forever 21

I am delighted to see that Forever 21 has expanded into plus-sizes and also now offers them in stores. I have loved this trendy fast-fashion retailer for years, but found myself struggling to fit into what they call a size Large. When they started selling plus-size clothing, I couldn’t have been more excited, until discovering that they were only offering these options online — how did that make any sense? Suffice it to say, when they finally added their plus-size clothing to the retail locations a few months ago, I was ecstatic.Forever 21 kills it when it comes to their fashion game and they’ve really stepped it up with their Forever 21 Plus swimwear collection. They offer a variety of options in sizes 1-3X, including high-waisted bikini bottoms, one-pieces, and strappy detailing. Most of their bikinis tend to be the same shape, though, and I wish they offered some low-waisted options for bottoms. Still, you can’t beat the price point that this collection is offered at, and in the style of the retailer, you get a lot of bang in design for your dollar. If you’re looking for affordable options or want to buy a lot of different bikinis that you can mix and match, definitely take a gander!

3. TorridSkull Print High-Waisted Swim Bottom, $25, TorridSkull Print Natural Support Bikini Top, $44, Torrid

This is a plus-size fashion classic and before plus went mainstream, this was one of the few stores that offered cute clothing to those over a size 16. Torrid is still going strong, I’m happy to report, and has a lot to offer in terms of bathing suits. The swimwear options they sell tend to be in classic, sweetheart cuts with push-up bras for tops that show a lot of cleavage but still offer plenty of support. If you prefer a traditional beach look with a bit of a modern twist (think Taylor Swift), you will love the plus-size collection at Torrid. Just be warned that they do sell at a pretty high price point and depending on your budget, they might be out of your range. If you’re the type of girl who prefers to invest in one or two classic swimwear pieces for the year that you can wear over and over again, however, I would highly suggest looking into this brand.

4. Monif C.”Fiji” Sweetheart Ruched Plus-Size Swimsuit, $98, Monifc

If you like to womens lingerie sizes live fabulously, you will absolutely love Monif C. This designer is making amazingly innovative bikinis and one-pieces that will make anyone stop and stare. If you love to take fashion risks, adore cutouts, wear a lot of color, or are a sucker for animal print, you’ll be smitten by these swimsuits. This brand is definitely for those who love to rock their curves — one of the things I find most refreshing about their presentation is that the models they choose look confidently sexy and you can tell that they know it! These ladies are living, breathing representations of body positivity. While the prices are listed on the higher end, they have a lot of discount codes and promotional offers that you can cash in on to bring down the cost of your swimwear, so with that in mind, the prices are more geared towards the mid-level.5. Full BeautyPolka Dot Bandeau/Halter High-Waist Bikini, $41, One Stop Plus

The One Essential Beauty Hack To Do After A Bikini Wax

The pain of a bikini womens lingerie sizes wax is often nothing compared to the unpleasantness of the pesky ingrown hairs, troublesome infections, and irritated skin that so often follow. But according to dermatologists, there is a beauty hack to do after a bikini wax that might help you avoid all of that additional discomfort. And guess what? It’s as simple as a sugar scrub. That’s right: The exfoliating and soothing properties of a sugar scrub can prevent redness, ingrowns, and irritation, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth even after an excruciatingly painful wax session.

Don’t just take it from me, though. Take it from the professionals. I spoke to dermatologic surgeon and RealSelf Contributor Dr. Sejal Shah via email, who tells me that the “sugar granules in a sugar scrub exfoliate the skin,” allowing the product to remove “dead skin cells that can clog the hair follicle and trap the hair, causing it to become ingrown.”

Dr. Janet Prystowsky, a board-certified dermatologist based in New York, agrees, telling me via email that sugar scrubs can be essential, bikini wax or no bikini wax, because rubbing off dull skin “helps to remove skin cells growing over the hair follicles which can cause ingrown hairs.”

womens lingerie sizes

Surely, that’s too easy. I mean, can rubbing the sensitive, raw skin down there post-wax with a sugar scrub really help prevent redness, irritation, and folliculitis? Well, according to Shah and Prystowsky, it definitely can. So if you’re all too familiar with the pains of post-bikini-wax skin in your nether regions, a sugar scrub may just be the answer to all your prayers.

That said, keep in mind that waxing “can remove the top layer of the skin, causing the skin to be sensitive, red, and irritated,” Shah explains. Additionally, Prystowsky says, “Bikini waxes arent great for your skin, but that should be expected when youre ripping hot wax off of it.” So before you throw a party for all the ingrown hairs you’ll never have to experience again, take these recommendations on how to correctly treat your skin post-wax so you don’t do it more harm than good.

Shah advises womens lingerie sizes going for a scrub that is actually made of sugar with medium-sized granules for the bikini area, since they are “less drying than other exfoliants and dissolve easily in hot water, which makes them less abrasive.” Prystowsky adds that opting for store-bought products might be your best bet, since you never really know what “contaminants may be in your sugar or oils.”

Most Comfortable Underwear For Big Butts

Heres a bold womens lingerie sizes statement: I like my butt. I do.Its been with me through thick.and thicker. And on that journey, Ivediscovered the beauty of comfortable underwear for big butts. You see, pre-Kardashianbutt appreciation was scarce. Jennifer Lopez carried the lone torch, but it seemed to be all about the Paris Hiltons of the world. All butts are great butts of course, but the modern outlook on big butts (and the underwear you dress them in) seems especially bright.

For me personally, I’m most satisfied with a comfy boyshort that stays put. My underwear drawer is pretty reflective ofthat. In addition to pairs and pairs of boyshorts, there are some lace trimmedhipsters that are incredibly comfortable without compromising on style. There are also mypersonal favorites: cheeksters, those magnificent undies that are also comfortable enough to wear all day long. I even have a few extra-secure high waistbriefs. Hey, dont judge me. Thats just the one of the best kinds of underwear, in my opinion! Call them granny panties if you like, but they get the job doneright. (But don’t worry, if you’re more comfortable in a bikini thong or G-string, I’ve included some of those, too.) Whichever pair you go for, just know this: Fat bottomed girls, you makethe rocking world go ’round.

1. Retro High Waist Undies With Lace DetailAngelina Light-Control Full-Coverage Briefs (S-4XL), $24-$45, AmazonYou may have though full coverage meant ‘granny panty,’ but the lace accents on this pair makes them anything but matronly.

2. If you’ve got a big butt, you know that underwear tends to get swallowed up. These hipsters are lined with silicone, so they won’t move, no matter how much you do.

womens lingerie sizes

3. Pretty Lace Trimmed Microfiber BoyshortsMaidenform Dream Cotton with Lace Boy Short (S-XXL)

4.Boyshorts are a big butt’s best friend in my opinion, and these comfy microfiber pairs are bound to become yours.4. Comfy Cotton Hipsters For Everyday WearLane Bryant Cacique Cotton Hipster Panty Underwear, Black, 3 Pack (12-24), $25, AmazonHipsters are a cool way to get full coverage without feeling like you’re wearing granny panties (though there’s nothing wrong with them!).

5. If you’re way more comfortable wearing a thong than a pair of boyshorts, then Hanky Panky’s lace thong is definitely worth a look. The lace is super stretchy, and the slight V-shape front and back with subtle scalloped edges keeps you free of panty lines.

6. No-Budge Boyshorts with Silicone Wonderful Edge Boyshort (S-XL), $7-$22, AmazonThese microfiber boyshorts are laser cut, so you won’t have any visible panty lines, but what’s more impressive is their silicone lining that keeps them from rolling under your clothes.

7. Classic, Comfy womens lingerie sizes Hipster UndiesMaidenform Comfort Devotion Hipster Panty (5-8), $, AmazonThese mid-rise hipsters make the perfect everyday undies, especially with their covered elastic waistband.8. Seamless Low-Rise Thongs

7 Ethical Underwear Brands That’ll Have You Looking Good Feeling Good

From bikini cuts womens lingerie sizes to thongs, boy shorts to granny panties, one of life’s near guarantees (beyond death and taxes) is that you’re pretty likely to continue buying undergarments, so you may as well opt for ethically made underwear. What you put on your booty is pretty personal business, of course. Most of us grow fairly attached to our favorite lingerie and undergarment brands or designers, and I know I personally have a tendency to be pretty picky about both the cut and construction of my knickers. So when it comes to making the choice to explore new options and potentially forsake lingerie loyalty, it’s not a suggestion I make lightly.

If you want stylish underwear that is also the product of fairly paid labor and/or an environmentally conscious supply, there are a handful of websites to help you check out your favorite brand, to see how it measures up in terms of human rights, ethics, and sustainability. But if you’d like a few new suggestions without having to do a lot of legwork, I’ve compiled a list of retailers that offer lovely undergarments and lingerie. They boast a variety of ethical upsides, so you can choose the company best suited to your concerns and style needs.

1. Clare Bare

Committed to creating fashion forward, eco-friendly lingerie, Clare Bare is a Los Angeles based designer whose pieces are made locally with sustainable design practices. Not only are her designs created from bamboo jersey and raw, organic, or vintage fabrics, but she employs hand dyeing and collaborates with local dyers so each piece is one of a kind. Since she’s both designer and owner, Clare has creative liberty, which clearly results in some stunning lingerie.

2. Blue Canoe

Want to shop local? Blue Canoe offers 100 percent American made undies created from natural fibers, including organic cotton and bamboo. It also makes a point of using non-toxic dyes. Plus, it’s a women-owned company, which is always nice considering women who make undergarments tend to have a good sense of what’s comfortable.

womens lingerie sizes

3. Naja

Want your underwear to empower other women look lovely? Naja’s commitment to employing single or head of house mothers and supporting an entrepreneurial sewing program is sure to fulfill that longing. In addition to providing employment and marketable skills to women through the Underwear for Hope program, Naja uses luxurious Peruvian Pima cotton and soft nylon lace. It also features bras with memory foam cups and a line of eco-friendly undergarments made of recycled plastic bottles that happen to wick sweat and boast antimicrobial properties.

4. Pact

You might not think about fertilizer, pesticides, and organic material when it comes to undergarments, but Pact, the fair-trade, eco-friendly apparel company, definitely considers them all. Its undergarments begin with non-GMO cotton seeds and are grown and harvested at farmer-run cooperatives. They are manufactured in factories that are Global Organic Textile Standard certified (and often powered by wind) by people who are well paid and well treated. Even Pact’s packaging is green. Sounds like a positive panty to me!

5. Between The Sheets

Focused on operating with the three pillars of sustainability (economy, society, and environment) in mind, Between The Sheets is a U.S. based company that currently sources modal fibers (harvested through sustainable practices from beech trees) and other cellulose based fibers from reputable manufacturers in Austria. The benefit of these fibers over cotton is twofold: They utilize a closed loop chemical process that does not pollute the environment, and use less water for the process overall.

6. Do You Green Paris

How does entirely eco-friendly French lingerie sound? How about eco-friendly French lingerie made of pine needles? Well, thanks to former architect and designer Sophie Young, Do You Green provides just that. The reportedly exceptionally soft fabric is designed and made entirely in France, has Oeko-Tex Standard 100 rating, which ensures that the dyes used are carcinogenic azo compound free, and uses 70 percent of profits to protect the employment of its workers.

7. DaDa

For the gentlemen womens lingerie sizes reading (or the ladies who prefer more traditionally male cut underwear), DaDa offers sustainable fabrics from natural fibers. It’s also developing fabrics from coffee grinds and wood pulp. As far as its manufacturing practices go, DaDa uses plants that maintain a Garments Without Guilt certification, ensures its workers are paid a living wage, and provides them with meals and transportation each day. DaDa also donates 10 percent of profits annually to the DaDa Foundation, which then passes them on to charities intent on helping people create sustainable futures.