LED car light show wide normal operating temperature

LED lights, you must replace the entire assembly costs continue to rise, first thousand dollars from tens of dollars. Many owners to reflect their new models with LED lamp design, but after about two years time, the lamp has been burned, even if buying a single lamp replacement, it is difficult to go to the accessories market need to replace the entire total cost up to 1,000 yuan . Wang had the same experience.Experts suggestPay attention to the best time to replace the LED lightsAutomotive lighting systems maintenance expert Mr. In addition, the use of LED lights, if not all of the light does not shine, can be achieved in the case of the fault light affect the number of results, replace the entire Components, which will minimize maintenance costs.

The owners Mr.. Therefore, the development of the market supply of spare parts for maintenance solution for the OEM. But slowly, many owners began to discover the skyrocketing cost of vehicle 45W Led UV Nail Lamp maintenance of these high-tech products. Thus, LED automotive lighting efficiency and the life of the most influential factor is the temperature, so, if the vehicle headlamp, when the ambient temperature exceeds the target temperature, LED can easily combustion, sometimes connected to the LED-based lights will direct combustion dissolved.Case playbackLED turn signal maintenance fee of 2,000 yuanThe, the BMW the owners Mr Lai south reporters reflect, his wife driving the BMW 320i with about 20,000 km, last month, Led UV Lamp the right rear turn signal suddenly “blind”, reasoon original bulb burns out, Mr. Shaw told reporters that the wife of his car to the repair shop to replace the need for machine assembly LED turn signal lamp replacement, a few years ago, LED lights, and he has been replaced again and again only need to replace the lamp, you can have.

LED car light show wide normal operating temperature below 60 degrees, when the temperature exceeds 60 degrees, the LED is not very stable. The cost to replace the Crown LED lamp assembly, 4S shop offers more than 1000 yuan, Crown older models run into the same fault, only need to replace the lamp alone cost only tens of dollars. Cost of maintenance expenses, he is very reluctant.With the old car compared to the use of traditional light bulbs, LED lights have a long life, better lighting, more beautiful appearance advantage.LED lights to replace some of the skyrocketing cost of dissatisfaction with the owners, maintenance costs are passed through other methods. Some owners are forced to take the “potential fraud”, in order to reduce maintenance costs. Dai told this reporter, has formed a trend of more and more parts, auto parts manufacturing, including lighting systems, including design concept, it is difficult to replace local, often need to replace the entire assembly. Lee also went Accessories market flower a few hundred dollars a bulb on the line.

In other words, the vehicle with LED lights, turn signals, brake light bulb broken, replacement cost is from tens of dollars to the skyrocketing number of times. High-tech ultra-high maintenance costs, some owners have to take some extreme potentially fraudulent behavior and reduce maintenance costs.The owners dissatisfaction with LED lights, only replace the assemblyBehind the skyrocketing owners who maintenance and replacement costs due to high-tech, so that they feel helpless.Reflected in the new models available for various high-tech, it was found that the configuration of the car, more and more eye-catching.The New Crown owners Mr. In recent years, the most popular LED lights is a typical example. LED lights for most cars, if diode serious damage is a direct replacement assembly.

Automobile headlight, in use, the heat emitted, resulting in a high ambient temperature, and heat is not veryFast.Tan told reporters privately, discontent is too expensive to replace the LED lamp assembly, he had in the parking area, “accident”, the risk of accidental collision situation, expensive maintenance costs by insurance companies transferred to the other party. But things are not so simple, his imagination, parts suppliers in the market told him that the new BMW LED turn signals can not be replaced individually, but to replace the entire assembly, at least $ 1,700, if the 4S shop to replace 2000 million. Mr. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a good heat dissipation, LED light show wide. His vehicle uses more than a year, but a few days ago due to the turn signal Lamp is burned out, he was ready to replace only the repair shop was informed, is now equipped with a LED light models take separate method to replace the lights, not like the old models in addition to replacing the entire assembly is no alternative.

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