From what we can gather

From what we can gather, in order to get the Insignia Back Bling in Fortnite if you don’t live in this region, you need to sign up for a QQ account and play Battle Royale through WeGame. This involves the use of a VPN, and creating a number of accounts and supplying your phone number. However, even then, it seems as though the items may be restricted to Chinese servers, which will lead you to likely have laggy games. There is another possible option though

With WeGame due to go worldwide soon, there’s always the possibility that playing the game through this service and with a QQ account will enable you to gain access to  Cheap Fortnite Items  the Insignia Back Bling and Penguin Back Bling in Fortnite. We’re just speculating on this, but it seems odd that Epic Games would release region server-exclusive items, considering it likely knows how much its fans love the cosmetic items in the game. We’ll just have to wait and see for now, though.

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