and increasing their effectiveness

. The latest type helps in this adjustment in very minute details because the light, even if a notch brighter or dimmer can result in great repercussions to an ongoing research. Research is also on to see if they can be worked with lasers as well. No wonder then that they are now used in printing and even textile industries to determine the shades and colors.

So in labs and other technological places, a spectrophotometer is a must where the light plays an important role. Its greatest advantage is that it can regulate intensity of light, thus suiting various purposes. The paint industry too uses them to measure what color looks actually what in any particular shade of light, thus making their uses manifolds, and increasing their effectiveness further than ever before. They absorb it very efficiently which makes it possible to see DNA or RNA of very low concentration. In research works, it helps in deciphering how organic compounds react.

Spectrophotometer, as the name suggests, has to do with spectrum or with the various forms of light. No wonder that it is used in clinical laboratories and forensic labs a great deal. Bio chemistry uses spectrophotometer intensely. In modern times, it has a number of uses and here are some of them: RNA and DNA can be checked and analyzed with the use of UV spectrophotometer. It is expensive.

but nevertheless, its uses are immense and hence it has become an indispensible part of any industry light plays a part. To be precise, it helps cotton with polyester piece dyed in measuring the intensity of light and adjusting it according to requirement. Elements that which are not which are not visible under a microscope can be clearly seen with the help of UV spectrophotometer.

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