Being versatile they

can be used nearly in all fastening jobs. Stove Bolts- As clear from the name these bolts are used in stoves but they are also used in other applications. Hence, in order to buy superior quality Industrial Fasteners at reasonable prices, you can log on to dhankottraders metal-bolts.

There are different types of Bolts used in general purpose applications and some of them are Carriage Bolts, Stove Bolts, Machine Bolts, Eye Bolts, Stud Bolts, etc.htm. Eye Bolts are widely used in hanging heavy fixtures like lighted ceiling units or storage containers. Carriage Bolts are available in size ranging from ½ inch to 10 inches in length and with diameter from 3 16 to ¾ inches. Carriage Bolts- These bolts have round head with square collar which can easily be gripped by wrench for fixing it into its place. Related Articles – Unbrako Bolts, Unbrako Fasteners, Tvs Bolts, Tvs Fasteners, Unbrako Dealers, Tvs Dealers,. Available in different sizes with oval, flat or round head they can be screwed into place from their slotted-head. Stud Bolts have threaded rod with two hexagonal nuts. The connections may be permanent or temporary and are made by means of fasteners. The main use of Carriage Bolts is while making furniture as the collar is forced back into the hole drilled in the wood. Bolts are fasteners that are used for making temporary connections for assembling together the different parts of a machine and in construction applications.

Hex Bolts- Hexagonal Bolts, as is clear from the name, have a hexagonal head and widely used in machinery and construction. The company is a reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of Bolts in Chennai. The offerings of the company include Hexagonal Bolts, HSFG Bolts, Allen Socket Head Bolts, Stud Bolts, Eye Bolts and much more.Business Various components are assembled to form a machine. The circular head enables easy attachment with rope or chain. Eye Bolts- Eye bolts have a peculiar configuration as they have circular rings in place of slotted-head. Stud Bolts- In Petrochemical units, Stud Bolts are used in conjunction with threaded rod Manufacturers Hexagonal Bolts for flange connections. They can be either coarse threaded or fine threaded and are available in sizes varying diametrically from ½ inch to 2 inch and length ¼ to 30 inches. Stove Bolts are 5 32 to ½ inch diametrically and 3 8 to 6 inch in length.

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