WoW Classic looks more interesting than the new event in the Battle of Azeroth

In the expansion of Azeroth, in addition to the core Azeroth system, Blizzard also introduced two new large-scale events: Darkshore Warfront and Island Expeditions, which are expected to attract the attention of some players. ZZWOW is a classal provider of third-party game services with many years of experience and a reputation among WoW players around the world. WoW Classic was officially released not long ago. If you need to buy cheapĀ World of Warcraft Classic Gold or Boosting service, ZZWOW is your best choice. As long as you have enough WoW Classic Gold, you can buy whatever you need in the game.

The developers tried to provide players with an epic battle like Warcraft III through Warfront, and Blizzard didn’t anticipate that some players realized that their personal behavior could not make a decisive change to the battle, and the event became the same as snoozefests. The existence: At first it really excites the player, but the player can only experience repetitive battles and can’t get good rewards. Some players therefore choose to control the character to a safe area after attending the event, and then do other things. When they return, they will find that the battle has won.

In Tides of Vengeance, Blizzard introduced the new Warfront, named Battle of Darkshore. Blizzard tried to use this modification to motivate players to participate in the battle. The development team highlighted the importance of personal behavior and provided players with more interesting choices. As before, when the new Warfront appeared in the game, the players did have a spectacular battle in the initial stage. But it still has an inherent fundamental problem: players can’t make too many meaningful choices, and the battle is not too challenging.

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As for “Island Expeditions”, Blizzard has added two new islands to explore, and made many major adjustments, hoping to give players a more diverse gaming experience. The problem is that they are not so interesting compared to traditional, reward-rich dungeons. What players can do is kill more enemies in a limited amount of time. Obviously, these two new activities require more basic design changes to make players happy.

What really surprises players is the arrival of WoW Classic, where Blizzard will reproduce the World of Warcraft scene in 2006 and will not release any expansion. It has been successfully released and has produced good results.

Modern WoW is a richer and simpler game, but the mystery and slowness of WoW Classic also showcase its unique charm.

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