World of Warcraft Characters Introduction – Anduin Llane Wrynn

Old players of World of Warcraft must have met Anduin in the game and have a certain understanding of him. He is the son of Varian Wrynn and the prince of Stormwind City. As time passed, the players witnessed his growth and maturity in Stormwind, from a child to today’s righteous king. At that time, Anduin was unable to inherit the throne because he was too young, and all the internal affairs of the Alliance were handed over to the Paladin Bova.

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Anduin has a strong understanding from an early age and always achieves goals through detailed planning. When King Varian became a king again, the young prince began to focus on spiritual and diplomatic practice. He traveled around the continent of Azeroth, which made him understand how to heal the destroyed land and the souls of those who died. His kind heart and unique personality charm made him a friend of Azeroth’s most powerful warriors and received precious gifts from them. Anduin knows very well that his mission is to maintain hard-won peace, not to wage a terrible war.

Since Anduin appeared in World of Warcraft, he has experienced a variety of challenges, both death threats and emotional frustrations have not eliminated his strong desire for peace. He was kidnapped by Onyxia, trained with the renowned Velen, nearly died during the fall of Pandaria’s Divine Bell, and all of this while supporting a father with two, sometimes destructive, personas.

His actual age was overshadowed by his fraternal spirit and his excellent diplomatic skills. In fact, this young king has just entered a boyhood. A coin in the Dalaran fountain even has an engraved quote from him that says, “I wish I would grow up, it feels like I’ve been 10 for years!”.

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