WoW Classic Guide: How to quickly level up your character

WoW Classic has opened the door to players around the world on August 27th. The ending is not surprising. A huge number of players flock to the server, causing everyone to go through intense competition or long queues to get killed. The rights of specific monsters.

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WOW Classic Gold

To be honest, this is the most attractive part of WoW Classic. When players easily rely on their own abilities to complete most of the main content in modern WoW, they actually miss the social life of Van Gogh. WoW Classic restores the look of World of Warcraft in 2006 – there is no rich set of armor and artifacts, and the level cap is only 60, which makes some players’ goals become the end-game that quickly reaches level 60 and the first time to experience the game. Content. For them, the 40-person team raid is the most real World of Warcraft.

The real goal of this article is to make it easier for you to play while getting faster than other players, so it’s not a professional Speedrunning instruction set.

Combine tasks with dungeons

In modern WoW, using high-level characters to help low-level characters repeatedly pass the dungeon is the most efficient leveling method. But this method can’t be applied to WoW Classic, because everyone’s level is similar and there is a lack of sophisticated weapons and armor. But this does not mean that you should give up this part of the xp gains. In the game, you should communicate with strangers and make some high-level friends. When your team is formally established, spamming dungeon runs is definitely the way to go. It is necessary to pay attention to the reasonable allocation of each player’s position. Your dungeon exploration veteran should contain at least one tank, one therapist and three damage dealers.

The mission is the core of the WoW Classic. Each beginner learns about Azeroth’s continent through the different tasks provided by each NPC. The most important thing is that it can provide you with a lot of experience rewards and some good equipment. The good news is that WoW Classic will never be missing a mission.

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