WoW Classic Guide: Tricks for leveling up fast

WoW Classic has been released for nearly two months, and many players have successfully reached level 60 and started to experience team raids, but for some chasing players, the upgrade seems very difficult. Don’t worry, this guide describes how to help your character upgrade faster. You can get a 5% discount to buy WoW Classic Gold on ZZWOW’s official website using the coupon code “ZZWOW”. Not only that, but if you become a VIP member of ZZWOW, you can get more discounts when order settlement!

Choose the weapon that works best for you and work hard to improve your weapon skills
In modern WoW, weapon skill is very important, it determines the hit rate every time you attack a monster, the same applies to WoW Classic. In the game, whenever you use weapons to successfully hit the enemy, your weapon skills will increase proficiency and escalate. Therefore, it is best to choose the weapon that best suits you based on your class and spec, and use it continuously during the leveling process. If you decide to change other types of weapons midway, you will waste a lot of time because of the constant miss in the battle with the monsters.
It’s worth noting that if your class is rogue, then your lockpicking and pickpocketing skills will bring you a lot of surprises. When you find a treasure chest in the wild, you can open it and get all theĀ Cheap WOW Classic Gold at a faster rate. Not only that, but for some quests that need to collect items from monsters, you can choose not to kill monsters but plagiarize them directly from monsters, which can reduce the cost of potions and time. While it takes some grinding to take these improvements to the highest level, it’s well worth it.

Select PvE server
If you only want to upgrade quickly and don’t care about PvP content, then choosing a PvE server and creating a role in it is your best choice. Because in the PvP server, you will inevitably encounter the situation of fighting with the player, no matter whether you win or not in the battle with the player, you can not get any EXP reward, and your leveling process will be greatly Obstruction. So choose the PvE server, where the player is only allowed to attack the monster, and you can more easily find the adventurer team and kill the monster together.

Accept and complete the most efficient quests
If you are a beginner who has just joined Azeroth, it is necessary to find some quest guides in the community or to exchange ideas with experienced friends. When you get through the early stages of the game, the experience included in the quest rewards will satisfy most of the needs of your leveling process. For this reason, Blizzard has specially arranged suitable travel routes for beginners to allow players to travel more smoothly from one area to the new area and link them through quests. However, knowing the actual location of the target you need to kill is a big advantage.

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