Social life in WoW Classic is very satisfying

It has been almost two months since the official release of World of Warcraft Classic, and the enthusiasm of the players has not shown signs of diminishing. Not only that, but after learning that Blizzard released the official version of Vanilla World of Warcraft, more and more players chose to opt out of the illegal private server and then create a new character in WoW Classic. For these players, their biggest dream is realized, they can seriously experience every place in Azeroth without worrying about the risk of server shutdown. For me, the social life in the game is everything, and the feeling of helping each other is really wonderful. You can get a 8% discount to buy WoW Classic Gold on MMOWTS’s official website using the coupon code “HALLOWEEN”. Not only that, but if you become a VIP member of MMOWTS, you can get more discounts when order settlement!

MMOWTS Halloween Event

Whenever I log in to my WoW Classic account, I receive notifications from the system. It will prompt me to have a lot of unread messages in my inbox, and then I will go to the nearest collection point in Stormwind City. Usually I will receive some packages containing gifts. Those who have ventured with me will write a variety of warm words of thanks and then mail all kinds of useful game items to me as attachments. Some friends who remember my tailoring professional will send me some linen, and some of the players who will make the equipment will send me a brand new armor. This is a difficult situation I have experienced in modern WoW. Obviously, when you don’t need to rely on others in modern woW to face all the difficulties in the game, you will naturally ignore social life.

But in WoW Classic, you can easily meet new people, which is why I am addicted to traveling in Azeroth. In order to make it easier to form a team to explore the dungeon, I joined a guild with a good atmosphere, and each member treated the game very sincerely and casually. I often receive new extended backpacks in my mailbox, which come from members of the guild who are good at making. Whenever I ask some questions I don’t know on the local channel, someone will tell you the answer immediately in a few seconds. Once I was preparing to travel from Elwynn Forest to Loch Modan. A friendly dwarf saw my purpose, and he told me passionately that the journey was very dangerous for individual players and it was easy to feel bored. He then escorted me to my destination. These stories fully reflect the short-lived and rapidly improving friendship of Azeroth in the old days.

This kind of friendship is most obvious in the starting point of the game. A large number of players who have just entered the game gather at the starting point. In order to avoid malicious competition, they spontaneously grow up into a long queue, giving everyone the opportunity to kill the quest targets that are constantly reborn.

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