WoW Classic Guide: Choosing the race that works best for you

In WoW Classic, you need to think carefully when choosing a race. It’s very different from modern WoW, because the level cap of the WoW Classic is 60, so the difference in race characteristics will have a major impact on your gameplay. Continue reading this guide and you’ll learn about the most useful features of each race and the classs that best suit that race.

Alliance: Human
According to data provided by Blizzard officials, in all servers of World of Warcraft, most players in the Alliance have chosen humans. This is not only because human can be combined with more professions, but more importantly, their useful racial traits, although they are not as powerful as other racial traits, but in some ways they can bring you unexpected returns.

Human-qualified classes include mage, paladin, pastor, rogue, warlock, and warriors, but hunters are not one of the options. In other words, although almost all races in modern can play hunter class, in WoW Classic, you can only choose other races in the Alliance to take your pet to hunt. You can get a 8% discount to buy WoW Classic Gold on MMOWTS’s official website using the coupon code “HALLOWEEN”. Not only that, but if you become a VIP member of MMOWTS, you can get more discounts when order settlement!

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Ethnic characteristics:
Diplomacy: The speed at which humans gain reputation increases by 10%. This ability seems to be better than nothing, but in fact this feature gives humans a key advantage. As the progress of the game progresses, the players’ reputation base is getting bigger and bigger, and the 10% extra rewards obtained on this basis are many. Not only that, team raids have corresponding reputation requirements, so humans can reach the conditions of team raid earlier than other races.
Mace/Sword Specialization: When a man uses a sword or a mace, the weapon skill is automatically increased by 5. This feature is very important in PvE battle, which means that when humans attack monsters above level 60, they only need fewer hit limits to deal effectively damage to enemies.
Human Spirit: This is a passive skill that can increase the human spirit by 5%. It is very suitable for classes with excessive mana cost, such as Priest or mage.
Perception: Improves the ability to detect stealth units in 20 seconds. It is also a very useful active skill, mainly used in PvP battle. Priests and mages, etc., need to ensure their own safety to provide effective support to the team. Reasonable use of sensory skills can prevent rogues from attacking.

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