What would it be like if World of Warcraft became a fighting game?

Most players may never have thought about the effects of using characters in World of Warcraft in fighting games like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. They don’t seem to be able to mix. World of Warcraft is a 3D game from the beginning, and players need to go through a long singing time when using high-level skills. Imagine, in a 2D picture, control your human paladin to fight 1v1 with the final boss in World of Warcraft, using your combo skills to cause as much damage as possible to the enemy before the countdown ends. This is a kind of A completely different gaming experience. Recently, a creative artist in the Reddit community designed the look of the World of Warcraft fighting game. Damn, this looks really good!

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Lloyd Hoshide released this interesting work on “World of Warcraft” Subreddit. In its design, World of Warcraft became a 2D fighting game called “The Duel”. The picture shows that the members of the two tribal factions are fighting, one is the orc named Arngrimm, and his opponent is the undead named Atreyu. Like a standard fighting game, its interface is equipped with health bars, timers and energy bars needed to release skills. The NPCs from all parts of Azeroth in the mainland are acting as spectators in the stage background, and the scene looks very lively.

The picture shows that in the remaining time of 9 seconds, the orc leaps high, ready to execute the enemy with his axe, and the lack of vitality of the Olympiad Master is preparing his ultimate spell to reverse the game.

For other community users, this is not a mere art, this design is very feasible. They think that if Blizzard can really design a World of Warcraft-based fighting game, this wonderful mix can produce very good results. Many players say they like this idea very much. They say that if the game really appears, they will definitely play.

Many people responded to comments on this topic, hoping that Blizzard could create a fighting game inspired by World of Warcraft.

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